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Ale Houses 1577

In 1577, a record of the vintners, ale houses and inns in Buckinghamshire was compiled. The original is held at the National Archives at Kew. The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies in Aylesbury has a photocopy.

The following appears to be the entry for Sherington. There are two alehouses. The writing is difficult to read, but the names appear to be Robert ----- and Henry -----. If you can decypher the writing, please tell us.

1577 - Sherington Alehousekeepers

The title pages, plus the names of three other local places, Lathbury, Linford Magna (Great Linford) and Stony Stratford, are shown below.

1577 - Alehousekeepers - Title Page
1577 - Alehousekeepers - Title Page 2
1577 - Lathbury 1577 - Great Linford - Linford Magna 1577 - Stony Stratford


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