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This page contains various photos and newspaper cuttings from the SHS archives, that do not fall into other categories. Click on the photos to view full size.

Allotment Rules - 1847
1847 Allotment Rules 

Bathing in the River
Bathing belles by the river  Bathing group by the river 

Newspaper Cuttings

Bucks Standard 1892-1902: Bucks Standard August 1892 - Picnic  Bucks Standard July 1900 - News - Choir outing, wedding and death  Bucks Standard February 1902 - Poem  Northampton Mercury January 1742: Northampton Mercury article from 11 January 1742- missing horses

Burial Bill 1922
1922 Burial bill from Henry George Rose 

Group of Girl Guides 

Carol Singers
Carol singers 

Event in Carters Field
Event in Carters Field 

Thumbstick Walkers
Thumbstick walkers 

Workmen at The Leys
Workmen at The Leys  Workmen at The Leys 

Beagles at the Rectory
Beagle group at the Rectory 

The Old Granary  White cottage  Sherington house 

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