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Lionel Horsnell

These photos show some examples of Lionel Horsnell's work that were on display at the SHS Open Day on 30 September 2006.

Painting by Lionel Horsnell Painting by Lionel Horsnell
Painting by Lionel Horsnell Painting by Lionel Horsnell
Painting by Lionel Horsnell Painting by Lionel Horsnell

We are grateful to Ron Clark for supplying the following three photographs. The first shows Lionel Horsnell at work at Laundry Cottage at Heydon in Norfolk. His painting of the cottage, shown below left, is now owned by Ron.
Lionel Horsnell painting Laundry Cottage at Heydon, Norfolk - photo by Ron Clark
Painting by Lionel Horsnell - Laundry Cottage at Heydon, Norfolk Painting by Lionel Horsnell

Lionel Horsnell - Biographical Notes

Lionel was what was classed as a Bohemian, who frequented Soho. He drank in the Coach and Horses in Old Compton Street, Soho in the 1960s – 70s & 80s. This pub belonged to Sheila Quinn’s aunt and uncle, so both Sheila and Pat knew him reasonably well.

Lionel arrived one day at the Foresters in New Bradwell, the pub was owned by Sheila and Pat at that time. He had arrived in Wolverton by train and then cycled to New Bradwell, where the pub was located. It was a ramshackle old bicycle, but it carried him all around Milton Keynes and also to Sherington where he painted a picture of No 2, School for the Quinns in exchange for bed and board. While painting No 2 he received numerous requests to paint other buildings in Sherington. he also painted one of the Foresters. And we know he painted one of the Swan for Bill and Pip Norton.

Pat and Nigel Banham had a picture painted of their home Then he seemed to vanish, leaving some easels and painting equipment in Pat and Nigel’s barn.

He was thought to have been seen in Newport Pagnell a few years ago, but he did not make his presence known to anyone who knew him.

We also have two postcards painted by Lionel, we know absolutely nothing more of him.

S.A.Q.& N.A. 23.8.2006

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