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Sherington's art and artists, past and present, provided the theme of the SHS Open Day held on 30 September 2006 in the Village Hall. A large number of paintings by local artists were on display.

Many of these paintings, together with biographical notes (where available), can be viewed on the following pages:

Martin Williams SCAN magazine covers Arthur J Crump Paul Mann
Charles Stephens Tom and Jack Ivester Lloyd Edith Lucas Caroline Leslie
Helen Harrison John Kitchen Snr John Kitchen Jnr Emily Leslie
Muriel MacFarlane Sandy Byrne Christine Robertson Barbara Hilliam
Angelika Braid Rene & Jim Stedden Barbara Whatton M E Fielder
Lionel Horsnell Montague Witwell Helen Vale A G Hickson
Kate Davis Anna Hawkins (nee Cook) Barbara Middleton Mrs Ellens

Sherington Historical Society regrets that we are unable to advise on the likely value of paintings by any of the artists featured on our Website. We would respectfully suggest that owners contact a local art dealer or auction house.

Apologies for the quality of some of the photos of the paintings. Reflections of the hall lights and windows made photography very difficult.

Art on display at the Open Day - 30 September 2006Art on display at the Open Day - 30 September 2006

Poster for the Open Day - 30 September 2006


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