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Chairman's Report 2003


AGM - 11 March 2003

I will try to keep this brief (I said the same last year.)

We are now 3 years old & into our 4th year, again does not seem possible. Another year & we have lost another member to Anno. Domini. We will all remember Vic as 'A Quiet Gentleman'. One of natures best.

Thanks to you all for your support. Thank you to Mark, Sheila & Pearl your committee. Anita & Kay for manning the tea & coffee counters the donated income here is very significant. To you all for belonging.

Thanks to Alan & Anne Barber for donating the photo copier, it was, I suppose the one way they could think of, of getting me out of their hair in their very busy shop.

We have had two very successful film shows by our worthy pair Peter & Philip, who in their own way have done more than any others to preserve the history of Sherington. Peter with his filming, this we hope to transfer to digital recordings, on CDs or whatever, this would make viewing much easier, & also more important the preservation of the subject matter would be solved. Thank you Peter for permission to do this. Also thank you Philip for access to his masses of photos & paper work, EPHEMARA they call it, also of course the many tales of Sherington people that they tell, without even prompting.

Our bank balance continues to grow thanks to all who help this with donations & work to raise cash. Kay, Philip & Sheila who helped sell raffle tickets at CMK we raised about 100 128 altogether. The comb binding machine we purchased has tidied up some of our smaller collections like the censuses, they now look much neater & professional.

The 'Enclosure Documents' have been archived & Colin Davis is in the process of transcribing these for us. Some have been finished, but a long job.

Two log books have been finished the third is half done & Pearl has promised to "Knock Off" the last in April. The Christmas Party brought out some 'Treasures' that had not been seen before, mainly from The Field Family. Thanks Ella.

The highly successful walk that Philip conducted last June, due to be repeated this year on a Monday sponsored by the Two Villages Archive trust, Milton Keynes & Broughton.

The Church Fete was a very good PR event for us last year. This year's maybe even better if things turn out half as well as Dianne Stewart, Jaquie Inskip & Sue Herbert anticipate. A much larger event & a much larger area coverage is their target. But it will not be a Sherington Church Fete. Something much grander.

Norman Arnold


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