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Chairman's Report 2004


AGM - 9 March 2004

I will start the same this year as last year. I will keep this as brief as possible, I could be briefer by saying nothing, but that they tell me is not an option.

Here we are at the end on our 4th year and the beginning of year 5. I think SHS just gets better as it settles down into maturity. We are now quite well known, but another ten years or so should see us as really established.

The past year has been very successful for all your efforts. The Church Fete was for me the highlight, the best day ever. Blessed by a super day and a multitude of visitors. Our theme was well commented on.

Early in the year we had a visit from Trish and Roger Young, doing work on their family history, the White family landlord of the Crown & castle in 1861.

We have had an excellent entertaining evening from Philip Smith on April 8th. Slides and a talk and even some music, that was a first. Thank you Philip. We have you down for another in May of this year.

On the 8th of July Alan Richardson came to tell us about the Victorian Camera and the downfall of the working class by the 'Demon Drink'. But he did give us an excellent insight into the Victorian entertainment scene. Audience numbers were a little disappointing.

October the 14th Dianne Sutton came to give us a new aspect on our Sherington Murder. This I thought was a super talk show. Dianne had put a lot of effort into this and used us as a sounding board for this talk, as she was to give other societies the benefit of her research. Again a disappointing number in the audience.

Our combined outing to the Local Studies centre with the Thursday group, still only raised a handful of people, despite the interesting talk given by Ruth Mearden our local archivist.

The School Log Books are almost totally transcribed just another 150 pages to be done, less than half of one volume. Which will bring us up to the year 1961. We have no plans to do the current book at this time.

The project to convert Peter Gardner's films to video and DVD are progressing nicely Ollie is doing this for us, although this is causing Kay a lot of problems, Her dining room is now a copying studio, they are doing Sherington a great favour, as we are getting a much better service than would be done by any professional company.

Our step into the publishing world with 2004 calendars was a dismal failure I think we sold 6 copies at 3 each, and 3 of those went to Kay. this will not be repeated. We are currently working on Edith Lucas notelets.

I will mention Hub MK. Mark, Sheila and I will keep this ongoing, but if you wish to know more please look at the file Sheila has started on this project.

Finally thanks to all of you, you have all contributed to the success of our society. But the special thanks go to Anita & Kay & Enid who keep us refreshed at each meeting.



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