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Chairman's Report 2005


AGM - 8 March 2005

I will start the same this year a I have every other year, by saying I will keep this as brief as possible.

Now at the end of our 5th year and starting on our 6th year of existence, thank you all for keeping this society thriving, with no great upheavals.

We have had three new members this past year and as yet have not lost our two members who did threaten to leave but cannot tear themselves away. The membership stands at 26 or 28 with a couple of probable late payers.

The past year has been quite a successful year, with the amount of data that keeps flowing through the door. The Film show evening brought in a reasonable audience and was an absolute cracker of a film, right up to professional TV quality. Congratulations Peter and your association. In May we had one of Philips evenings with the usual capacity crowd and it lived up to our expectations, thank you Philip. We have you down for another on the 12th April this year.

26th June our Show, coupled with the Flower Show and open gardens weekend. Due to popular demand I decided to open again on the Sunday, if only to keep the embroidery available for out of village visitors. But it was a great success. We had a great many visitors on both days despite the foul weather. And we did get Sunday free, thanks to the village hall committee.

After the 2004 calendar fiasco, the venture into the Christmas card market was viewed, by me, with some trepidation. BUT it proved to be a winner, Enid's embroidery has certainly proved the best of subjects, with over 150 large and small cards sold, along with a steady sale of Edith Lucas notelets. I should have made a note of exactly how many 1 printed but I was a bit overwhelmed with the quantity, and lost count. But do not mention CALENDARS to me.

The school log books are now completely transcribed and are recorded onto discs. These I will return to the school soon, but I feel now they should go to Aylesbury Record Office.

25th June is fete day, our stall this year will be themed on family history, 'Who Do You Think You ??????' So we will be looking for family connections stuff. Anyone with a family tree that we can borrow, or a collection of old family photos that you would like to put together. All would be gratefully borrowed. Pray for the same type of good weather we had for the last fete.

Then on the 1st of October will be our open day in the Village Hall, Mark would like this to be advertised as a bring and copy day. Any photos or documents can be brought along and copied on a scanner and then copied. Might be a good idea.

Thank you all for the encouragement to keep this little society of ours running along and finally thank you to our refreshment ladies Anita, Kay, Enid and anyone else who has done duty in the kitchen.



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