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St Laud's Church
Inside Tour
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Outside Tour

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9 - The Choir Stalls

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View from the choir stalls towards the organ - note the bell rope

As the bell rope in the photo indicates, the choir stalls are situated directly below the Tower and Belfry. This is the oldest part of the church.

The bell chamber was added to the Tower in the fifteenth century. To do this the north and south walls had to be reinforced. This was done from the inside. You can see the evidence on either side of the pillars nearest the nave.

There are five bells in the Belfry. The eldest, the fourth and fifth, were cast in 1591 and are inscribed with the alphabet in black letters. The third bell is dated 1672 and bears the names of two church wardens of that date, John Babington and Thomas Mershal. The first bell is dated 1773, whilst the second is not dated but bears the name Gabriel.

Door to the tower

The small door in the south-west corner is the original way through to the turret staircase which also used to give access to a rood screen. The arches through to the Chancel and the Nave are believed to have been cut about 1250.

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