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St Laud's Church
Inside Tour
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Entrance to the Church

The main entrance into the church is made via the porch (see left) into the South Aisle.

     Who was St Laud?

Sherington has the only Church in England known to be dedicated to Saint Laud (St. Lo). In France there is a town of St. Lo in Brittany - badly ravaged by allied bombing in 1944 - a railway station in Paris and a college at Angers which share his name, as well as other places. Little is known of St Laud.

Laud was a Bishop of Coutances from 529 AD until his death in 568 AD. His claim to fame appears to have been that he was "one of the most energetic prelates of his day". The fact that a later Bishop of Coutances owned lands at nearby Tyringham after the Norman Conquest helps us to understand the unusual dedication.


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