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Guided Tour of St Laud's Church

St Laud's Church
Outside Tour

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The Lych Gate in front of the church

The Lych gate was designed by the Victorian Church Architect Sir George Gilbert Scott (1839-97). He was the architect who designed the original village school, which is now a private house. A direct descendent of his is the current Church Architect.

Plaque on the Lych Gate

Dorothy Harding lived opposite the church in Cross Albans House for many years. After her death, the Lych Gate was restored in her memory.

Photo taken in October 1997, showing the electricity pole

To the right of the lych gate, in the top photo, is a Victorian style lamp post. This was erected at the request of the residents of Church End, with funding coming from the local council, the residents and the congregation of St. Lauds. The rather ugly electricity pole, shown in the 1997 photo above, was removed and the overhead cables were buried.

View of the Lych Gate from inside the Churchyard

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