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Guided Tour of St Laud's Church

St Laud's Church
Outside Tour

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Inside Tour

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4 - The Tower

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View from the south east

The Tower is the oldest part of the church, dating from the 12/13th century. The bell chamber was added to the Tower in the 15th century. To support this, the north and south walls had to be reinforced on the inside.

View from the south west

There is a clockface on the south side of the tower. The clock's history is shrouded in time. A popular local legend would have one believe that the mechanism was rescued from the local river. What is definitely known is that it was made before 1700, a "blacksmith clock". It has to be wound regularly which involves a daily climb to the height of the church roof.

Door to the tower - in SW corner

The small door in the south-west corner of the tower is the original way through to the turret staircase, and also used to give access to a rood screen.

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