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1796 Enclosure Map

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N. Type Owner Name
165 O Elizabeth Barringer Cottage and Garden
38 N Thomas Battams Allotment for his Own Tithes
45 N Thomas Battams First Allotment in Little Field
85 N Thomas Battams Second Allotment on Burnt Hill
46 O Thomas Battams Homestead and Lords Close (Tenant: Thomas Harding)
43 O Thomas Battams Whites Close , taken in Exchange of Mercers Company
44 O Thomas Battams Long Close, taken in Exchange of J and R Hale
52 O Thomas Battams Homestead (Tenant: Thomas Harding)
109 O Thomas Battams Park Close, taken in Exchange of G P Hurst Esq
110 O Thomas Battams Homeward Stockings
111 O Thomas Battams Stockings
112 O Thomas Battams Stockings Spinney
149 N Samuel Boddington First Allotment at Home
207 N Samuel Boddington Second Allotment at Willow Bed
8 N Samuel Boddington Third Allotment in Dropwell Field
143 O Samuel Boddington Homestead
147 O Samuel Boddington Home Close
139 O Samuel Boddington Homestead Garden and Orchard
148 O Samuel Boddington Nursery taken in Exchange of Dryden Smith
104 O Samuel Boddington Park Close
105 O Samuel Boddington Stockings
106 O Samuel Boddington Pond Stockings
93 O Samuel Boddington Two Cottages and Gardens
205 O Samuel Boddington First Coneygree
206 O Samuel Boddington Far Coneygree
200 O John Brittain Three Cottages and Gardens
226 O Reuben Brittain Cottage and Garden
108 N William Brooks Allotment for his Own Tithes
107 N William Brooks First Allotment in New Pasture
84 N William Brooks Second Allotment in Moors Pieces
79 N William Brooks Third Allotment in Great Field
157 O William Brooks Homestead and Close
158 O William Brooks Part of Home Close taken in Exchange of the Mercers Company
150 O William Brooks Lukes Close
204 O William Brooks Leazows


Thomas Baker was a tenant of Richard Higgins (plot 16)

William Barker was a tenant of Dryden Smith (plot 89)

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