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1796 Enclosure Map - Crofts End

This page shows the Crofts End area. Scroll down to see the list of plot owners.

1796 Enclosure Map
Plot No. New/Old Enclosure Owner Description
54 O Rev Samuel Greatheed (Hamiltons) Homestead and Close - Kings
55 O William Warr Cottage and Garden
56 O Dryden Smith Sturmors Close
57 O Rev Samuel Greatheed (Hamiltons) Long Close, taken in Exchange of William Brooks
88 O Dryden Smith Home Close
89 O Dryden Smith Homestead and Garden
90 O Dryden Smith Orchard and Moat
91 O Parish Officers Cottages and Gardens
92 O Elizabeth Slayter Cottage and Garden
93 O Samuel Boddington Two Cottages and Gardens
94 O Thomas Umney Two Cottages
95 O Sir John B Riddell (Baronet) Cottage and Garden
96 O Richard Shrieve Cottage and Garden
98 O Dryden Smith Close by Gardens
99 O Dryden Smith Captains Orchard
154 O Rev Alexander Cromleholme Part of a Close
155 O Rev Alexander Cromleholme Part of a Garden
156 O Rev Alexander Cromleholme Corn Close
157 O William Brooks Homestead and Close
158 O William Brooks Part of Home Close taken in Exchange of the Mercers Company
159 O Company of Mercers Courses Close Cottage and Garden
160 O Company of Mercers Gardens taken in Exchange of Hosea
161 O Company of Mercers Homestead and Close late Corberson
162 O Company of Mercers Barns and Yard
163 O Company of Mercers Carters Close, taken in Exchange of Rev S Greatheed
164 O Company of Mercers Long Close
165 O Elizabeth Barringer Cottage and Garden
173 O Henry Ward Cottage and Garden
174 O Robert Coleman Cottage and Garden
175 O James Joice Cottage and Garden
176 O John Clayton Home Close
177 O John Clayton Homestead
178 O Company of Mercers Old Homestead Yards and Close
179 O Rev Alexander Cromleholme Rectory Homestead
180a O John Clayton Part of Home Close taken in Exchange of the Mercers Company
193 O William Field Cottage and Garden

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