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1796 Enclosure Map - The Knoll

This page shows the area around The Knoll. Scroll down to see the list of plot owners.

1796 Enclosure Map
Plot No. New/Old Enclosure Owner Description
18 O John & Richard Hale Homestead and Home Close
19 O George Pitt Hurst Esq. Homestead and Close
20 O Thomas Tandy House Garden and remaining part of pightle
20a O William Attwood Cottage and Garden
21 O George Pitt Hurst Esq. Part of Home Close taken in Exchange of T. Tandy
22 O George Pitt Hurst Esq. Remaining part of the Nursery
23 O Thomas Tandy Part of Nursery, taken in Exchange of G.P.Hurst
24 O John Richards Little Nursery
25 O Thomas Odell Cottage and Garden
26 O James Cave Two Cottage and Gardens
27 O Thomas Meacher Rose and Crown Public House
28 O William Umney House and Garden
29 O Roses Trustees Two Cottages and Gardens
29 O William Umney Coles's Close
30 O Marianne and Charlotte Hosea Grave Yard Close taken in Exchange of S Greatheed
46 O Thomas Battams Homestead and Lords Close
47 O William Davison Cottage and Garden
48 O Roses Trustees One Cottage and Gardens
49 O William Davison Cottage
50 O Mary Robinson Cottage and Garden
51 O Roses Trustees House and Garden
52 O Thomas Battams Hardings Homestead
54 O Rev Samuel Greatheed (Hamiltons) Homestead and Close - Kings
165 O Elizabeth Barringer Cottage and Garden
166 O James Simco Cottage and Garden
167 O Thomas Meacher Swan Public House
168 O Parish Officers Two Cottages and Gardens
169 O James Joice Cottage and Garden
170 O Thomas Coleman Cottage and Garden
171 O Richard Fazey Cottage and Garden
172 O Thomas Saunders Cottage and Garden
173 O Henry Ward Cottage and Garden
174 O Robert Coleman Cottage and Garden
175 O James Joice Cottage and Garden
176 O John Clayton Home Close
196 O Marianne and Charlotte Hosea Part of Home Close, taken in Exchange of the Mercers Company
197 O Marianne and Charlotte Hosea House Yard
198 O John Richards House and Garden
199 O Thomas Tandy Three Cottages
200 O John Brittain Three Cottages and Gardens
201 O Thomas Odell House and Garden
202 O Thomas Odell Plowmans Close

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