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Farms in Sherington

The following information was originally prepared for the SHS Open Day Exhibition on October 1st 2005
List of Farms
  1. Baker's Farm
  2. Village Farm
  3. Home Farm
  4. Grigg's farm
  5. Yew Tree Farm
  6. Gowle's Farm
  7. Mercer's Farm
  8. Far Farm
  9. End Farm
  10. Church Farm
  11. Manor Farm
  12. Water Lane Farm
  13. Hazelmead Farm
  14. Sherington Bridge Farm

Brief details on each of these farms are given below. There are also links to separate pages with further information or photos.

Baker's Farm

Located at the Olney end of the High Street(north). Known early in the 1900s as Church End Farm. Probably because from that area of the High Street the view of the Church was of the end of the church and at one time that area was known as Church End. Mr J Rogers farmed in 1945-1949. In the middle to late 1900's it came into the ownership of Jack Cook and was used to house his workmen and families, Irene and Bill Inns lived there for some time. Now (15 July 2005) being lived in by Peter Cook and his family.

The barns and outbuildings were sold off to David Samms, in the 1990s who converted the (Winnowing) Barn to use as his home, two of the long barns were converted to homes for his parents and his in-laws. The building towards the rear were used as workshops for part of his business manufacturing tubular office furniture. David Samms business has now ceased in Sherington and the whole complex is now rented out as office/workshops for various small businesses. See also the photo on the High Street North page and the archive photo.

Village Farm

Located in the High Street, on what used to be the Olney Road. It was owned for many years by George Fleet who raised sheep and cattle, his father before him was a horse breeder. George also ran a dairy, had a milk round and sold milk and dairy products to Sherington residents, although, according to the school log books the quality of the milk was sometimes called into question. See also the photo on the High Street North page.

Home Farm

Located in the High Street, on what used to be called the Olney Road, but closer to the village centre than Village Farm. This was owned by Dudley Gardner in the early 1900s, it was during his ownership that there was a fire attended by the Newport Fire Brigade. The premises are no longer farmed and are owned currently by Dr. Peter Skinner. See also the photo on the High Street North page.

Grigg's Farm

Located on the corner of School Lane and Church Road, was at the turn of the 1900s still a working farm and owned by the Tyringham Estates. This was sold in 191??? To old John Burgess, father of the present John Burgess. Subsequently was sold off and has now been converted to several dwellings, covering one in School Lane two in Church Road, two in the converted barn in Grigg's Orchard and several bungalows and houses have been built on the farmyard land, in School Lane and in Griggs Orchard. See also the photos on the Church Road and School Lane pages.

Yew Tree Farm

Located down a short lane off to the south of Park Road. Was still farmed up until the 1960s mainly as arable and livestock farm. Owned at present by the Morgan family. Phyllis Rollinson (nee Middleweek) lived there as a young girl and now lives there with her daughter Dianne Morgan. Doris Stephens wrote a thesis on this farm in the middle 1960s and is available in SHS archives. Further information

Gowle's Farm

Located a mile or so to the north-east of the village, almost in Chicheley, up a long lane at the top of Perry Lane and beyond the by-pass. Owned at one time by Derek Cahill, who had a short wave radio station in the premises, Derek exchanged with Andrew Turner, the farm for No.3 Leys View, Andrew lived at the farm for a number of years. This farm has not been used as a farm for many years. Photographs

Mercer's Farm

Located at the junction of Crofts End and the High Street, (Newport Road) Purchased by Jack Cook in the mid 1930s as a working farm and farm yard with cattle sheds and barns etc. became redundant as a farm when Manor Farmhouse was built in the 1960s. Michael Cook and his wife Muriel moved into Manor Farmhouse and gradually the farm buildings were removed and in the late 1970s Carter's Close was built on the available land. Further information on the Cow House See also the Crofts End page.

Far Farm
Far Farm - click to view full size

Located on the far side of the Bedford Road (south of Sherington). Consisting of 125 acres, a cottage with farm buildings yards and gardens, making eight fields in all. There are sale particulars in SHS archives. The remains of the buildings can be glimpsed from the by-pass, just after the roundabout at the bottom of Chicheley Hill, on the left towards Newport Pagnell. The farm was owned in 1876 by a consortium and had George Field in as a tenant farmer, so was still under cultivation as a farm at that time. It was subsequently farmed by the Jefferson family and Jonas Paxton, before becoming part of the Cook estates.       Click on the photo to view full size

End Farm

Located at the far end (west) of Water Lane. Now in the ownership of Ted and Grace Adkins. The farm is now largely redundant and what land is owned is rented out to Cooks. The barns and out buildings are in the process of re-development, subject to planning consent. Photos

Church Farm

Located at the rear of the church (north). Was for many years owned by the Field family. It is thought by some that the farmhouse was known as one of the Sherington manors. The farm ceased to be run as a farm in the 19???? Part of the farmyard was sold to developers in 198???? to be known as Field Close, an exclusive development of stone houses and bungalows. 1950's aerial photo

Manor Farm

Located at the entrance to the village from the south (Newport Road). This house was built by Jack Cook for Michael Cook, in the 1960's to take over the running of Mercer's farm, large modern barns and cow sheds were built adjacent to the house and the centre of Mercer's farm activities then became transferred to Manor Farm. Part of the old farm buildings adjacent to Sherington Manor have been converted to office/workshops and others to rented accommodation. Part of the diversification initiative of farmers. See also the Manor

Water Lane Farm

Located some 200 yards from the top entrance of Water Lane. Ceased to be a working farm in the 19???. But still in the ownership of the Gardner family, previously owned and farmed by Dudley Gardner and now owned by Peter. The farm has now diversified and runs a very successful shooting club and gun shop. A shooting range set up during the war is still an attraction for local shooters. The fields that are available are rented out for cattle grazing. See also Water Lane

Hazelmead Farm

Located slightly out of the village, on the left side of the Olney Road. Used by the Hill family as a small holding with a few cattle, chickens and usually a flock of sheep. Looked after in the later years by Elsie Hill and Bill Eaton. Elsie made her living selling eggs around the area and obviously sheep. Both Elsie and Bill are now deceased and the farm, owned by Souls of Olney is now derelict.

Sherington Bridge Farm

Located opposite the T-junction of the Bedford Road and the Sherington turn. Where Sharps farm land is now. The land was owned by a G. O. Nelson in 1876, below Far Farm (west) and adjacent to the River Ouse. It is not known whether a farmhouse was ever there, or whether the houses at the bridge formed the complex of a farm yard. Does seem likely. Further information


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