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1910 Land Survey - Field Book - Extra

Note: This table lists the 'overflow' information from the second double page spread in the Field Books. Only some of the properties have this information. It includes sketches of the farmyards and lists of the church trustees.

No. Information Sketch
64 Sketch only
106 St&T Coach Ho. Harness room - 3 boxes & loft over
W&S Shed
St&S Box & loft over
Washho. - yard
B&S 2 pigstyes & duck ho.
Potting shed - 2 fowl houses & setting ho.
Orchard & Tennis lawn - pretty grounds - moat
House: bad repair inside & out. All ceilings bad - foundations said to be bad
ord pt 39 = .381
48 = 1.078
49 = .556
50 = .216
53 = 1.702
47 = .745
Total 4.678
145 Sketch only
207 A S&T ho. calves
B S&T cart shed
C S&T wood floor barn
D 3 W&T B floor pigstyes
E S&T ho. & outbuildings
F S&T stable 6, loft over
G S&T barn
H S&T open shed 4
I S&T trap ho
J B,W&Th B floor cow ho 6
208 W&I 2 cart sheds
St&S Stable12 - open shed 3
St&S Cowho 8 - Barn & Implement Shed
Stable 4 & 1 box - loose place & fowl houses
212 A S&T Ho,
B B,W&Th shed
C W&Th fowl ho.
D 4 B,W&Th B floor pigstyes
E B&S B floor Brewho.
F B&S B floor Loosebox
G B&S B floor Cow ho. 8
H B&S B floor Calfho.
I 2 B,W&S Looseboxes
J B,W&S open shed 3
K B&S B floor cow ho, 6
L S&S Cobble floor stable 6 & Chaffroom(?)
M S&S W floor barn
N W&I Lean to shed
House poor & v. old - Blds fair - compact
L Tax redemption Cert No 96675 25 March 1865 L. Tax 8/14/11 Cost 263 (about)
216 A S&T Ho.
B B&S B floor outhouses
C B&S B floor trap ho.
D B&S B floor nag stable 3
E B&S open shed 3 bays
F B&S cobble floor Loosebox
G B&S Cobble floor calf ho.
H S&S barn
I S&S cobble floor stable 6 loft over
J B&S Cow ho. B floor 5 & calf pen
K S&S Cart shed 4 bays
L B&S open shed 4 bays
M 2 B,S&T B floor pigstyes
Also some more Bdg - Sherington village, pt B&pt S Loosebox
2 five bay open sheds
Bull ho. poultry ho, 2 piggeries, chaff ho.
stable 3, barn, granary
cart shed 4, loosebox
218 A B,S&Th barn
B S&T open shed 6
C B,W&I B floor Cow ho. 5
D B,S&T B floor calf ho.
E B,S&T Cobble floor stable 6
F 2 B,W&Th Looseboxes
G B&T B floor nag stable 3
H B&T B floor trap ho.
I B,W&T Cart shed 4
J B,W&Th open shed
K 3 B&S B floor pigstyes
L B,W&T open shed 4
231 St&T Double Coach house
ST&Th Stable - 4 boxes, 1 stall - loft over
Coach Ho.
B&S Double coach house - harness room & loft over
2 piggeries
Nearly all old
Ord No. 74 = .575, 75 = 1.271, 79 = .772, 80 = 1.811,
81 = .169, 82 = .392, 72 = 1.960
Total 6.950
233 A House
B 2 B&S B floor pigstyes
C B,W&Th stable 4, & corn room
D B,W&Th open shed
E B,W&Th Calf ho.
F B,W&I B floor barn
G B,W&Th open shed
H B,W&Th B floor mixing ho.
I 2 B&I B floor store rooms
235 B&S heating house
B&S bottling stores, containing bottling & washing plant
W&I Engine house, oil engine, 3 and half H.P. Crossley
W&I Covered shed fitted with sawing bench
B&Th store houses
B,W&S B floor stable 2
W&T Cart shed 3
2 B&T B floor pigstyes
W&T B floor stable 2
W&T Cart hovel 3 & garden
240 A B&T ho.
B B&S B floor trap ho. & nag stable 2
C B&Th B floor stable 3
D B,W&Th feeding ho.
E S&Th open shed 7
F S&Th barn B box(?) brick floor
G B,W&Th Cow ho. & milking room 9
H B,W&Th Cow ho. & milking room 12
I B,W&Th fowl ho.
J W&Th fowl ho, (down almost)
K S&Th Cart shed 3 bays
L W&Th fowl ho.
M 3 B&T B floor Calf ho.
N W&I shed
Also B,W&Th barn, Loosebox & open shed
on ? of Newport to Bedford Road
Buildings very old - useful & in fair repair considering age
243 A S&T ho.
B B&T Cobble floor stable 6 loft over
C B&T Cow ho. B floor 12
D S&T open shed 5
E B,W&I fowl ho.
F S&T Cart shed loft over
G S&T Cement floor barn
H B&T B floor pigstyes
244 A S&T cottage
B S&T S floor stable 9
C S&I barn
D S&Th open shed 4 bays
E S,W&Th Loosebox
S&Th open shed 4 bays
Building old - some recently re-roofed - fair repair
246 Sherington Wood is chiefly composed of Oak, but thinly planted. The underwood is good.
Baker's Spinney contains Oak, Ash, Spruce & Poplar & is well planted
& affords protection to the arable field below it
Ord No. Name Area
263 Sherington Wood 36.864
180 Baker's Spinney 1.351 (Sherington Parish)
175 Baker's Spinney 0.213 (Emberton Parish)
Total 38.428, 38ac 1ro 29po
250 Ord No. State Area
61 Grass 2.333
62 Ho & garden .139
62a Bdgs .199
63 Arable 5.883
64 Grass 5.781
Total 14.335, 14ac 1ro 14po
251 Ord No. State Area
68 Spinney .450
67 Arable 8.762
66 Arable 11.802
65 Grass 4.314
60 Lane .365
Total 25.693
252 A B&Th fowl ho.
B B&T Cottage
C S&Th barn
D B,W&S Granary
E B,W&Th B floor stable 6
F B,W&Th open shed 4
G B,W&Th Cow ho. B floor 8
254 A W&S 2 Fowl houses, open shed 4 - W&Th piggery
B B&S 5 pigstyes (good)
C B,cement&S barn
D Cement&S shed 6
E - Stable 3 &W&S Coach ho. & barn
256 Stone built -Deal seats for about 200 - organ
Oak pulpit & screen. Stone font
Oak panelling to walls
3 small stained glass windows
5 bells - clock
Vestry been added recently
265 Trustees:
Henry Coleman, Church End, Sherington
Samuel Rush, Croft End, Sherington
Eyra Feasey, Bury Avenue, Newport Pagnell
F. J. Sharp, High Street, Newport Pagnell
A. Sharp, Church Street, Wolverton
F. Wingrave, Woburn Sands
J. T. Swannell, Church Street, Wolverton
J. W. Bright, Field View, Rushden, Northants
Geo. S. Oldham, Church Road, Sherington
266 Trustees:
Chas. Nursaw, Parsonage Lane, Sherington
F. W. Bull, Union St, Newport Pagnell
Arthur Wm. Ablett, High Street, Newport Pagnell
J. W. Bromwich, High Street, Newport Pagnell
Wm. Ed. Burgess, High Street, Newport Pagnell
Wm. Cowley, Caldecott Street, Newport Pagnell
J. W. Harris, Bury Avenue, Newport Pagnell
Walter H. Tuffs, Silver Street, Newport Pagnell
Wm. W. Gibbs-Lee, Union Street, Newport Pagnell
Geo. Procter, Bury Avenue, Newport Pagnell
T. G. Puryer, Caldecott Street, Newport Pagnell
270 Trustees:
Rector of Sherington
W. J. Hickson, High St. Sherington
Henry Rose, High St. Sherington
E. J. Jefferson, Home Farm, Chicheley
F. J. Field, Church Farm, Sherington
Isaac Slayter, Croft End, Sherington

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