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Gowles Farm

Gowles Farm is situated in the north-east corner of the parish, at the very far end of the lane which starts by the sports field at the top of Perry Lane. The photos are from the 1950's.

Gowles Farm

6th June 1957 - Peter Watts

Gowles Farm Gowles Farm Gowles Farm Gowles Farm

1841 - 1911

The trade directories published between 1891 and 1911, together with the censuses from 1841 to 1901, provide some details of the Farmers and their families at Gowles Farm over this period.

FarmerDate (Data source)Notes
George Westley1841 (Census)
1851 (Census)
1841 Census: Westley
1851 Census: George Westley, age 35, Farmer of 55 acres, employing 2 men and 1 boy, born Hardingstone, Northants
Wife: Harriott age 48, born Piddington, Northants
Daughter: Elizabeth, age 22, born Piddington, Northants
Son: William, age 16, born Piddington, Northants
Daughter: Ann, age 14, scholar, born Piddington, Northants
Son: George, age 10, scholar, born Sherington
1861 (Census): George Westly is a retired farmer, age 60, in Church End, born Newport Pagnell, and wife Harriett, age 60, born Hardingstone, Northants, whilst William Westley, age 23 is a boilermaker living at an unrecorded address with wife Jane and daughter Elizabeth
1871 (Census): George and Harriet Westley are now age 72 and 71 and in the High Street, whilst William Westly is age 36 and an agricultural labourer in Calves End with wife Jane
Richard Coleman1861 (Census)1861 Census: Richard Coleman, Agricultural labourer, age 49, born Sherington
Wife: Isabella, age 48, lacemaker, born Sherington
Son: James, age 22, Agricultural labourer, born Sherington
Daughter: Louisa, age 20, lacemaker, born Sherington
Son: Thomas, age 18 Agricultural labourer, born Sherington
Son: George, age 14, Agricultural labourer, born Sherington
Son: Daniel, age 12, Agricultural labourer, born Sherington
Son: Matthew, age 9, Agricultural labourer, born Sherington
Daughter: Elizabeth, age 4, born Sherington
?1871 (Census)Gowles Farm is not mentioned by name
Edwin Umney1881 (Census)1881 Census: Edwin Umney, 58, farmer, born Gt Horwood, Bucks
Wife: Alice, 54, born Gt Horwood, Bucks
Also: Joseph Petts, 36, farm labourer, born Sherington
Wife: Elizabeth Petts, age 36, born Newport Pagnell
Son: Arthur Henry Petts, age 3, born Sherington
Niece: Florence Leech, age 5, born Gt Linford
In the 1871 Census, Edwin Umney is recorded at Chicheley Road, age 48, Farmer of 14 acres, employing 1 man,born Sherington, with wife Alice, age 45, born Gt Horwood, Bucks
In 1891 Edwin Umney is a butcher, age 66, born Sherington, in Church End
William Aldred1891 (Census)
1891/5 (Kelly)
1891 Census: son: William Aldred, 30, Farmer, born GPassenham, Norfolk
daughter: Sarah, 54, Housekeeper, born Bramfield Suffolk
1891 and 1895 (Kelly): William Aldred, Farmer, Gowells Farm
Joseph Clark1899 (Kelly)Farmer, Gowells Farm
John Henry Simco1901 (Census) to
1911 (Kelly)
1901 Census: John Henry Simco, 56, Farmer, born Mears Ashby, Northants
Wife: Jane, 57, born Hemingford Grey, Hants
Son: John Dexter, age 27, born Mears Ashby, Northants
Son: Thomas Valentine, age 21, born Mears Ashby, Northants
Daughter: Barbara Hewnes (?), age 19, born Mears Ashby, Northants
1903 , 1907, 1911 (Kelly): farmer, Gowells Farm

Note: there are some inconsistencies in the census data. At present, it is not known if some of these may just be transcription errors, due to difficulties in reading the handwriting, or if they were in the original.

1796 Enclosure Map

There is no farmhouse on the 1796 Enclosure map, but several of the fields have 'Gowls' in their name (Plots 118 to 122 and 124 to 126, all owned by Richard Higgins, see map below). These fields were old enclosures, which in the Middle ages had been part of the desmesne belonging to the lord of the manor. The current location of the farmhouse is shown by the red circle.

Gowls on the 1796 Enclosure Map
Plot No. New/Old Enclosure Owner Description
118 O Richard Higgins Part of Wood Gowls for Tithes
118 O Richard Higgins Wood Gowls Remains
119 O Richard Higgins Upper Middle Gowls
120 O Richard Higgins Great Gowls
121 O Richard Higgins Hardings Upper Gowls
122 O Richard Higgins Hardings Lower Gowls
124 O Richard Higgins Gowls by Burges
125 O Richard Higgins Lower Middle Gowls
126 O Richard Higgins Gowls Corner

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