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Maps of the Village on Google Earth

New Feature

Seven of the historical maps can now be viewed in Google Earth: 1300, 1580, 1796, 1882, 1900, 1925 and 1952.

They are overlaid on the ground surface and are aligned with the satellite photographs. There is a timeline slider control, which allows you to vary the map displayed so you can see how the village has evolved over this period. There is also a transparency control which allows the map to be compared to the current situation as shown on the satellite photo. There are also links to the corresponding pages on the web site, which can be displayed alongside the maps.

We would like to thank Howard Mathieson of Winnipeg, Canada, for his inspiration in initiating this feature and for geo-coding three of the maps.

Instructions For Use

First you need to have Google Earth installed on your computer. This is a free application and if you do not already have it on your PC, it can be downloaded from Google. Follow Google's instructions for installation.

When ready, just click on this link: sherington.kmz.

Instead of opening in your browser, it will open in Google Earth. If you get a pop-up dialog prompt, select 'Open file' to confirm.

Example Screen Shots

The following three screen shots show what you can expect to see.

The transparency control and timeline slider control are highlighted in the second and third pictures.

Google Earth screenshot
Google Earth screenshot
Google Earth screenshot

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