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King's Head


1796 Enclosure Map shows John Richards House and Garden as plot No. 198

The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce and Manufacture, published between 1790 and 1798, lists two public houses in Sherington: the 'King's Head' and the Swan. John Richards is named as the 'King's Head' Innkeeper. He is also described as a Nursery and Seedsman.

The Directory also states that a foot post from Newport to Olney, calls at the King's Head every day to bring and receive letters.

Apart from this, little is known about the King's Head, although there is more information about John Richards.

Although not actually named as the King's Head, Plot 198 is shown on the 1796 Enclosure map as a 'House and Garden' owned by John Richards, and is presumably the location of the 'King's Head'. It is located on the north side of the Knoll. He also owns Plot 24, described as 'Little Nursery', on the west side of the High Street, next to the 'Crown and Castle' building (which is No 25).

The St Laud's Burial Records list a John Richards who died on 1 April 1829, aged 81. The National Archives have a will dated 18 May 1829 from a John Richards, who was a Nursery and Seedsman. The 1798 Posse Comitatus lists a Gardner called John Richards.









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