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Knoll Close and Saw Mill

Knoll Close is a development of properties built between 1983/4, located partly on the site of the Line family wood yard and timber sawmill (see right). The wood yard and sawmill was owned and operated by the Line family for many years until its closure in the late 1970's. The sawmill was powered by a steam engine. Although it was owned by the Line family, it was operated by two brothers Bill and Ben Line. The Line family still reside on the Knoll.

George James Hine's wheelwrights was situated next to the saw mill, on Church Road.

The Wood Yard and Sawmill
Knoll Close Today

There is also one old property here linked to the Knoll by a footpath, by the side of No 3 The Knoll.

The construction of the properties in Knoll Close are of bright yellow brickwork. The original planning permission was granted for the houses to have been faced with local stone, so they would look similar to the houses on that side of The Knoll. But with an oversight in the local planning office, permission was given for the houses with the honey coloured bricks that can been seen today.

No. 4 The Knoll:  After the planning office had discovered this, to try and make amends, they designed a chalet style house to face The Knoll (see right) on a plot that had been purchased by John and Pam Fielding for this purpose. The remit was to design a house that had the same sky line of the existing houses on The Knoll, to use local stone to face the house, and to use a design that would be in keeping with the rest of The Knoll. With these plans approved, the plot was sold to a builder who built this house.

No. 4 The Knoll

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