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Grade 1 and 2 Listed Buildings

37 buildings in Sherington have been listed by the Department of the Environment as being of Special Architectural or Historic Interest under Section 54 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971. One of these, St Laud's church, is Grade 1, whilst the rest are Grade 2.

11/141St Laud's Church
11/142Lych gate
11/143Tomb (memorial to Dr John Cheyne)
11/144Church farmhouse
11/1451 and 3 Church End (May Cottage)
11/1465 Church End (Calgary House)
11/147Sherington Place
11/1488 Church Road (Arbour House)
11/14922 Church Road (Griggs Farm)
11/15024 Church Road
11/1511 Crofts End (Mercers farmhouse)
11/15223 Crofts End (The Laurels)
11/153Crofts End Sherington Chapel and attached cottages
11/15422/24 Crofts End
11/1551 Gun Lane (White Hart)
11/1561 High Street (west side - the Lodge)
11/15743 High Street (Old Castle)
11/15847 and 49 High Street
11/15953 High Street (Home farmhouse)
11/160Barn to west of 53 High Street
11/16159 High Street (Church End Farmhouse)
11/162The Manor House, 4 High Street
11/1636 High Street (The Small House)
11/16416 High Street (Harietts End)
11/1652 and 3 The Knoll
11/1668 The Knoll
11/1671 Ley View (was 17 High Street)
11/16816 Park Road (Yew Tree Farmhouse)
11/16918 Park Road (Roadside)
11/1701 Park Road (includes former 3)
11/17116 School Lane (The Old Rectory)
11/1722 School Lane
11/173Sherington Bridge
11/1749 Water Lane (Water Lane Farmhouse)
11/175Barn to SE of 9 Water Lane
11/17616 and 18 Water Lane (Primrose Cottage)
11/177K6 Telephone Kiosk (The Knoll)

Numbers 11/141 to 11/176 were identified in the initial list for Milton Keynes issued on 27 February 1984. The telephone kosk (11/177) was added in the Third Amendment dated 2 June 1988.

A number of these buildings were identified by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England) in 1913. They are described in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Buckinghamshire Volume Two, 1913, pages 259 to 261


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