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Reconstructed Map for 1300 - North West

This map shows how the north west part of Sherington might have looked c.1300. It is not an actual old map, but a reconstruction by Professor Chibnall originally published as Map 4 in his book "Sherington: Fiefs and Fields of a Buckinghamshire Village".

Chibnall's reconstructed map for 1300 - North west
Other maps:

Complete map of Sherington in 1300.

Larger scale maps of the other quadrants: North east, South west, South east.

In 1300, farming followed a 2-year cycle. The demesne area was therefore divided into two fields: the North Field and the East Field. The open fields were divided into the West Field and the South Field, the boundary being the Town Ditch, i.e. Water Lane. The division is shown on the Field map

Other dates: North west in 1580 - North west in 1796.


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