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SHS Meeting Minutes 13


Sherington Historical Soc.

Minutes of 1st meeting held in the Village hall,

Tuesday 13th Feb. 8pm.

Members present,

Sheila Line Jesse Line Anita Arnold Norman Arnold

Mark Vale Mike Tofts Sue Tofts Les Milnes

Ella Field Enid Pepper Kay Turrell Barry Hollis

Sheila Quinn

Apologies for absence

Oliver Powell Gail Waters Helen Vale


Geoffrey Moore.

First meeting in the village hall was a great success… was warm!!!!

Chairman’s report,

The good news, following the meeting with the hall management, trustees & parish council, the upstairs office, used up until now exclusively by the V H management & the PC, is to be turned into the Sherington Document Centre. Broadly meaning that any Sherington Group could use the facility to store their archive documents. It will be a lockable storage. It does include us. But it will mean extensive modification to the office, the cost to be borne by the Village Hall, so will not be available for a few months yet.

Community action grant, 12th Feb. Norman, Sheila, Sheila & Enid, met with Francis Gomme in the V Hall, the outcome was a little disappointing. Although there was a lot of discussion of trying to point the Soc. in the direction that would possibly yield some grant aid funding, it was possibly a direction we did not want go. Francis tried to influence the 4 members present, that we should go for some high profile project, & he fastened on to a Sherington Feast as the project, & we felt this was too high an ambition. So the meeting foundered a bit. When this was put to the meeting on the 13th, the members present agreed that this was not our function at all. We were here to record history not make it. The members who lived in Sherington at the time of the Feasts, & were involved in them, knew how much work was involved & they thought it was far too much of a burden for our small group to tackle at this stage. But it was thought that we do need to project some sort of "business plan" for the future. A welcome pack, for new villagers was thought a good idea, but this is already in hand by the church. Maybe the Sherington Murder, as a smaller project is something we could tackle. If any of you would like to seriously think about this, we would like to hear from you.

Following this meeting Sheila Q outlined a telephone conversation with Linda White, of the MK Community Foundation regarding grants. There are several types of grant available & we are actively following these up. More news soon. ( we have received preliminary forms)

The AGM, following much discussion, it was decided that the AGM should be brought forward to Tuesday 13th March, thus separating it from Philip Smiths talk. The AGM will be at 7-30pm and all our archives will be on show for any members of the public to view after the meeting. Tea, or coffee & biscuits will available for them afterwards at a small cost. Proposed by Barry Hollis & seconded by Mike Tofts. Will you all give great thought to our AGM if you have any matters that you would like raised, please give me some indication of these at least 10 days before the meeting, by the 3rd of March please. We think we need to create a new post for a publicity & funding person. Sheila Q has been doing this job quite remarkably well for the past few months !!!!!!

Phil Smith has agreed now to give us a talk on Tues 10th of April. We intend to charge £1-00 entrance fee for this event, (free to members) plus sale of tea/coffee & biscuits. Also to have our archives on display. We have also the names of 2 more speakers & it is hoped to follow this event up with more open meetings, maybe every other month or third month.

Web Site, the original pages have been "fine tuned" and many more pages & pictures have been added, this is really looking good now. But it takes time.

Millennium photos, all available photos have now been fitted into our Village people photo album. The rest will follow in the Spring.

2nd Edition of the Murder Booklet, the disc for this has been finalised & will be taken to Bradwell Reprographics on the 20th Feb. After much discussion it was proposed that we would order 100 copies, proposed by Kay & seconded by Les. At a cost of around £40-00.

Sports Pavilion, Sheila L has written to the Parish Council, thanking them for the use of the Pavilion.

Treasurer reports that we have £74 – 17p in our bank account & circa £30 in cash, the village hall will cost £10-50 for a 2 hour meeting each month, so we do need at least 12 people at each meeting to break even, please do your best to attend. We now have 23 members. But several of these are of necessity silent members. (Live out of town)

Internet, we have a bit of correspondence from foreign parts, Norman has had several E-mails from Heather Nelson in New Zealand, regarding her family history, Hardwicks & others, she also sent us a photo of her & husband. Some correspondence from OZ regarding the Rose family, also one enquiring about the Mott family. Geoff Moore from Newport Pagnell, & one from Southampton sending photos.

School newspaper booklet, this is still not resolved as far as the school governors are concerned, the Chair of the board of governors still has some "Reservations", we are waiting patiently to find out what these are. This is despite the matter being bought up at the first meeting, then being put on the agenda for the second meeting. I have spoken at length to Charles & Doris Stephens, Gill Burgess, who was for 14 years school teacher there, several pupils involved. None of whom have any reservations.!!!!! The electronics of this booklet are almost ready for printing.

Finally, the next meeting will be the AGM on 13th March in Sherington Village Hall at 8 pm, open to members of the public afterwards, with coffee/tea & biscuits, on sale.

The next meeting after that will be on Tuesday 10th April , 8pm. open to the public at £1-00 per person children 50p. Tea/coffee & biscuits available.

Norman Arnold Chmn.


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