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SHS Meeting Minutes 14


Sherington Historical Society AGM.

Tuesday 13th March 2002, Sherington Village Hall. 8pm.

Members Present: Mick Tofts, Sheila Line, Jesse Line, Gail Waters, Enid Pepper, Kay Turrell, Oliver Powell, Anita Arnold, Barry Hollis, Sheila Quinn, Mark Vale & Norman Arnold.

Apologies for absence, Les Milnes, Helen Vale, Sue Tofts, Alan & Anne Barber, and Howard Dalton.

There being no previous minutes, there was nothing to approve.

Chairman's report, See attached sheets.

Arising from this report,

The children's newspaper booklet, a reply from the school governors stated that they still have some reservations, about the sensitivity of the miss-spellings related to some self-named pupils, also the dedication to the present pupils & staff We agreed to remove names of the article authors & substitute initials. Also to change the dedication to Mr Charles Stephens.

The new document store, will be warm & dry, there is one radiator installed. The committee will meet on a regular basis, from the AGM onwards, & minutes will be circulated.

Enid Pepper expressed her thanks to Norman for his work.

Treasurer's report, See attached sheets. Every member had a balance sheet, there was not a previous balance sheet to compare income & expenditure. It shows a credit balance of 98-01, but there was an outstanding invoice of 40 to be paid. So the actual funds stood at 58-0 1. There being no queries, this was proposed by Enid, seconded by Mike & duly signed & dated. Barry Hollis will audit next years accounts.

Members subs for 2001/2 are now due!

Election of officers

Sheila Line has resigned as secretary, due to personal commitments. She was duly thanked for her past work. Sheila Quinn had been co-opted to act as fund raiser/publicity officer.

There being no offers from the floor for these posts, the last years committee was voted in en-bloc. for 2001/2 as follows,

    Chairman     Norman Arnold
    Treasurer     Mark Vale
    Secretary / fund raiser / publicity     Sheila Quinn.

Proposed by Barry Hollis, seconded by Oliver Powell, carried unanimously.

Sheila's address is:- 2,School Lane, Sherington, Milton Keynes, Bucks MK 16 9NF, 01908 211153,

Village censuses. Gail Waters, promised to look into the possibility of her transcribing the missing years. 1841, 1861 & 1871, for Sherington.

The document centre Will only be open to the public under strict supervision of the keyholders.

Speakers, Following Philip Smith's talk "Sherington, Bygone." on the 10th April. It is hoped to have regular bi-monthly speakers. We have the names of 5 local speakers. Following the suggestions from Sheila Q & Norman, it was decided that the talk needed to be a ticketed affair. Prices I for adults... 50p for accompanied children, there would be refreshments available.

Funding, Sheila Q reported on the possibility of funding from MK Community Foundation & the existence of an organisation, named the Council of Voluntary Organisations. Who deal mainly in redundant office equipment, this can be obtained for a small cost. We will be applying for a grant of up to 1500, from MKCF, for the purchase of photocopier, digital camera, stand, laminator & maybe a pc. Sheila Q will liase with Linda Whyte in the application for this grant,( L.W. is involved with MKCF) Such a grant would free our present income for general running costs. The running costs for a photocopier would be supplemented only by the public researchers, & would be kept locked.

Sherington murder booklet. The second edition of 100 copies is now on sale. (Already 19 have been sold) We have outlets for these in Virginia House Stores, Newport Pagnell Book Station & MK Museum. The cost to SHS was 40 for the 100 copies, the sponsorship from the White Hart was 30, so we are already in profit. Thanks to Alan Simms in the village shop, who has generously offered not to charge for selling the booklets.

Mike Tofts expressed the members thanks to Sheila Line & the past & present committee.

The committee's thanks to Anita & Kay for providing the refreshments.

The meeting closed at 9-45pm.

The next meeting is in the village hall on the 10th April & is Philip Smiths talk on Sherington, 8pm prompt. An all ticket affair. 1-00 adults & 50p for accompanied children.

Norman Arnold, Chmn


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