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Meeting held on 10th April 2001.

This was our first open to the general public meeting. Philip Smith in the chair talking about ‘ Bygone Sherington’ The village hall was almost full to capacity, not knowing the exact number of people attending 100 chairs were put out & all were filled with a number of people standing,

The talk by Philip was up to his usual standard, with anecdotes from his life in this village, & even some short renditions of character songs. I will not try to describe the evening, but suffice it to say any one who missed this superb evening will not ever be able to recapture the evening, it was an event in history.

Needless to say, although we did give away some 30 complimentary tickets & the evening was not without expense, hall hire, raffle prizes etc. the society did make approx £130 profit. Our thanks to the ladies who gave the refreshments for free.

This coupled with the sale of the murder booklet, only 10 left in the box at this time, means that we have a fairly healthy balance in the bank. I feel that we have now really turned the corner & are well on the way to being firmly established, & recognised in Sherington.

My thanks go to all of you who helped on the 10th, before the event, in the kitchen, in the hall & who cleared up afterwards. Without your help & support it could never have happened. It will be some event that tops that evening.

Thanks to the loan of the tape recorder from the ‘Clutch Club’ we have a recording of the evening. Which in the fullness of time will be transcribed, & kept in our archives.

There has as yet been very little movement on the document room in the village hall, but the room has been partially cleared out ready for the work to start.

Norman & Mark attended a meeting in MK local studies centre, held by the MK Heritage Association on 27th March 2001. Of interest to members was that the MK council is very short of funds & any that had been allocated to heritage matters would probably have to be cut back to almost nothing. That the MK Hoard was a very important national Bronze Age find. This consisted of 5 pieces, 2 neck rings & 3 bracelets weighing approx 4.5 gold.

Also if sufficient interest is shown by our members, MK local studies centre could be made available to us for one evening, 8pm to 10pm, Ruth Meardon would give us a short introductory talk about the facilities available, then the studies centre would be made available for the members to use for the rest of the evening. To study family history or local studies, censuses, back issues of old publications, newspapers etc..

SHS is now on the MK Heritage Ass. leaflets, proof copies of this, were made available to us, at the meeting. The glossy leaflets are to be published a little later in the year.

Friends of Bradwell Abbey need volunteers to help to assist in their efforts to bring to the publics notice their projects. Anyone interested in being involved with Bradwell Abbey is invited to a free lunch on Friday 4th May or tea & biscuits on Friday 10th May in the evening, still free. Contact Norman or ring the Abbey on 227229. There is an official form.

We continue to receive enquiries by E-mails, from foreign parts.

The next meeting will be in Sherington Village Hall

8 pm on Tuesday May 8th,2001.


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