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SHS Meeting Minutes 16


Sherington H.S.

Meeting held at Sherington Village Hall

May 8th 2001 at 8pm.

Members present,

Norman & Anita Arnold, Mark Vale, Sheila & Jesse Line, Les Mime, Enid Pepper, Kay Turrell, Sheila Quinn.

Apologies for absence,

Helen Vale, Gail Waters, Ollie Powell, Howard Dalton, Sue & Mike Tofts


John Cook

  1. Millennium Project, John Cook

    To mark the year 2000 a millennium Committee was set up under the chairmanship of John Cook. Amongst other projects a CD rom. of the history of Sherington was undertaken. For this a grant of £600 was obtained from the lottery scheme, this was to cover the cost of some computer hardware, a scanner cd writer, video capture board & the creation of a Sherington website. This has not been done, so John suggested that as SHS had covered at least some of the criteria laid down that the Society take over the funds & the rest of the project. Not necessarily exactly as was at first envisaged by the millennium committee, but as we are doing at this time This we all agreed to undertake.

    There was also a Kodak slide projector available that John was willing to pass on to us.

    All the members thanked John for his generous thoughts

  2. Alrewas, Gail Waters visited this village & supplied us with a pamphlet indicating a guided tour of this village. It was suggested that this could be done for Sherington at little expense. This was project was undertaken by Enid & Kay.
  3. Sherington Fete, It was agreed for SHS to have a stand at this event, & for the School or Education, to be the theme. The wider field of education would enable us to include the Pre-school & Sunday Schools in our theme if we could not find enough material for just the school theme. Kay will be able provide a copy of the school banner badge, & an empty sweatshirt . Norman & SAQ will undertake to have the school newspaper booklet printed in time for this event. which should take place towards the end of July. A fete sub-committee to be formed, volunteers please.
  4. Council for voluntary organisations, SAQ reported that it was possible to view the goods on offer at the CVO warehouse at Kiln Farm, before joining the organisation. Norman & SAQ. will use this offer on 16th May, & report back. The £10 joining fee does allow almost unlimited goods for one year. But we do need to know what these goods are.
  5. MK grant, we still intend to apply for a grant of approx. £1500 from the MK Community foundation. we have obtained some of the necessary quotes for the equipment we would wish to buy.
    1. SLR camera for copying pictures.
    2. Digital camera for putting pictures straight onto disc.
    3. An A3 photocopier, to use in the document room.
    4. Laminator, for encapsulating photos etc
    5. Copying camera stand.

    Mark, Norman & SAQ will obtain the required quotes

  6. Because Philip Smith will be an impossible act to equal. The next open meeting we will try to obtain the services of Alan Richardson, who talks about his postcard collection; of the local villages. Date to be set. It is important all members help in advertising this event.
  7. Friends of Bradwell Abbey. no members interested in this.
  8. MK Heritage Meeting, Mark & Norman attended this at MK local studies centre, on your behalf There was not much of direct interest, because of Council miss-management the whole budget has had to be curtailed, meaning even less for heritage matters. SHS will now be featured in the new leaflet advertising local societies. This is obtainable from the libraries & museums etc If anyone is interested in learning more about MK Heritage ask Norman for a look at the minutes etc.
  9. Local Studies centre, it was decided to visit the LSC. instead of holding regular meeting in the village hall. This is to be arranged.
  10. Treasures Report. the finances are looking good, now stand at over £4 00 with income from the Murder booklet at over £150, the Bygone evening ticket sales at £80, teas £25 & raffle at £50, with out goings of £2O. A good effort by all. Most members have now paid their subs. There are only 10 copiess of the murder booklet yet unsold
  11. Howard Dalton, has provided us with a copy of his family tree & history. He also gave a donation of£25, for which we give him our thanks. SAQ will write a letter of thanks.
  12. Bill Atkins; Philip Smith has passed on to us for safe keeping, Billís handwritten & illustrated manual, from when he was on his RAF fitter's course, during the second war. These were given to Philip because they were too precious to throw away after Bill & Mauds deaths. Just the very thing that I envisaged this society was formed for.

The meeting closed at 10pm and the next meeting is at Sherington Village Hall on Tuesday 12th at 8 pm.


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