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SHS Meeting Minutes 17


Sherington H S.

Meeting held at Sherington Village Hall on

Tuesday 12th, June 2001 at 8 pm.

Members present;

Norman & Anita Arnold, Mark & Helen Vale, Jesse & Sheila Line, Barry Hollis,

Gail Waters, Enid Pepper & Mick Tofis.

Apologies for absence,

Sheila Quinn, Kay Turret, Ollie Powell, Howard Dalton, Ann & Alan Barber, Mike & Sue


1) Chairman & secretary's report,

a)lt looks as if the use of the 'Archive Room' may be opened up to a wider set of user & non~user groups, a set of guidelines will be outlined at the next V/hall committee meeting. If this happens, then the way we have anticipated this facility being used by us, may have to be drastically altered. It does rely on how the Trustees view this. A lot more on this later.

b)We have obtained from the CVO warehouse, 4 filing cabinets, 4 office chairs, I desk, I waste paper bin; a number of ring binders & files, 6 clipboards, 10 display hoards 3ft x 2ft. & some other things, all of good quality & condition. This will all have to be marked SHS, to identity' it as the society's property.

c)The shelving is now fitted & all of our archives are in the Archive room now.

d)The promised projector has now been delivered & after some TLC is in good order.

e)4 photo albums compiled by Kelvin Locke have been donated to us by Phil Smith. These cover the White Hart outings 1980, 81 & 82, for pensioners.

f)We have applied to MK for our grant, & are waiting for a reply.

g)Alan Richardson 'The Olney Postcard Man' has agreed to come & talk to us about 'Sherington & The Surrounding Villages' on Tues. July 10th, Tickets at 1-00 each are now on sale.

h)Norman asked the meeting if another committee member was required, as the last committee meeting had only SAQ & NA present, Mark being unable to attend. The members at the meeting felt this number was adequate. (& would soon tell

us if they were dissatisfied with the way the Soc. was run)

i)25-00 was donated to the flower festival in the church, the display will be organised by Enid, Sheila Lines & Helen.

j)The Church Fete will be on the 23rd June. starting at 2pm, with good weather we will have as large a stand as last year, but it will have to be condensed if it rains. As all the other stall holders will need to come inside. This event will cost SHS 5-00. Sheila & Enid will help set up the stand, it is hoped that you all will be able to come along & help run this event. The theme at the moment is 'Education',

k)A letter has been received from Howard Dalton with some enquiries & thanking us for our hospitality,

l)An E-mail from Andrew Turner, a former resident of Gowles Farm, has promised us some photos & documents, on Gowles Farm


m)Letters of thanks, on your behalf, have been sent to John Cook & the millennium committee, for the donation of 600, & also to Pam & Alan Sims for sponsoring the childrens' newspaper booklet. which is back from the printers. Now available for l-50 per copy. The negotiated price for 100 copies of this booklet was 35-00. In view of the schools attitude towards this publication I feel the members might like to be asked again about their thoughts on a donation to the school, from the sale of this publication

n)We have performed our first public duty as the 'Clutch Club' have used our filed copies of 'Scan' for their research into holidays & found this of great benefit.

2) Treasures report,

a)The funds stand at just under 1000, so we need not look to every penny now, & members who do have expenses on behalf of SHS please ask for these to be paid.

b) We have sent reminder letters to members who have not paid their subs we have not heard from these, so our membership is now down to 21.

3) AOB.

a) Anita Elsie Hill who recently passed away, won 2000 in the Willen Hospice lottery; this was recorded by Anita, it is thought that now we can put the photos in the archives & record the event.

b) Mark & Norman, who attended the Web Site computer course at the living archive centre in Wolverton, were invited to attend a thank you buffet, at Mk museum. To thank us for attending the course & constructing the website & to thank Jane & Roger for tutoring the members who constructed the sites Roger said he thought that the sites did really reflect the intense interest that the various societies had shown over their 13 week tuition.

c) MK Heritage leaflets are now available from Norman &/or MK museum. ~~hesc give a very brief resume of the activities of various societies in & around MR, with our society names & contact numbers.

d) There will be a leaflet available soon on the copyright laws of this country, which to say the least are very complex. We will need to study these if we hope to publish more books or booklets in the future. We will need to obtain WRITTEN permission before we publish any picture or article or establish that the original author, artist or photographer has died & that the copyright has not been passed on to a relative. It 'nay even be too complex for us to cope with, except for our own original material.

4) The meeting closed at 945pm Thank you to Anita for the refreshments and the next meeting will be on July 10th at 8 pm. The talk by Alan Richardson, free to members, 1-00 to non-members.

Thank you,


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