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SHS Meeting Minutes 19


Sherington H.S.

Meeting held at Sherington Village Hall on

Tuesday 11th Sept 8pm.

Members present,

Sheila Quinn, Norman & Anita Arnold, Helen & Mark Vale, Jesse & Sheila Line, Les Milne, Enid Pepper, Gail Waters, Kay Turrell, Sue & Mike Tofts.


Pearl Teasdale,


Alan & Anne Barber, Ollie Powell, Andrew Waters, & Jaqui Inskip.

A few moments silence was observed, for the victims of the suicide bombers, in America, the event that occurred earlier in the day.

Norman spoke at some length about the Millennium project that SHS had inherited this year. The whole project was nearing completion, with just 2 areas still to be finished off. These were being covered by Sheila Quinn & Martin Jeeves.

The archive filing system had been purchased at a cost of approx £250-00 it was agreed that this looked very good. The residue of the Millennium fund had been passed to SHS, being £200, John Cook had stated that he would make up any shortfall i.e. £50. For which we are duly grateful. A letter of thanks will be sent to him.

There were still, just a couple of Sheringtonians to photograph & a few forms to be collected from the rest of the village.

The estimate so far, is that over 75% of the village has been pleased to take part. But the sad note, at least 7 people have died in the village during the compilation of this document & the sad note is some of these we were too late to photograph

The question of whether, when the data is recorded onto a CD, it will be available to people outside of SHS arose, the opinion of the members was that it should not be publicised as available, but would be available to members & others, i.e school, clutch club, P.C. etc. but they should sign a form stating it would be strictly for their own use. Anyone not wanting to have their page on this CD could of course be excluded.

Due to some parents concerns, the data will not be placed on our web site, unless in an abridged form.

Pearl informed us that there are 378 dwellings in the village & now some 1,000 souls, including children.

We now have an album strictly for the production of Son et Lumiere, with copies of the photos that were taken by David McKay & any other memorabilia that becomes available, cast, programmes, script, etc.

We also have a file on the Twinning Association, supplied kindly by Bill Lewis through Gail.

We welcomed Pearl Teasdale as a new member, & hope to find her a job soon.

We have now a membership card for the ‘Wake Up To Partnership’ & this is where we have obtained all the office furniture & sundries for the Document Room. This furniture has been marked with SHS, so that it can be identified in future.

We also have been much concerned about data protection, which if we have to register will cost us £35 per annum. As we are a not for profit organisation & have the permission of all the people on our databases, we think at this time we should not need to register. The same with copyright, most of our photos have been given or loaned, with the right to copy &/or retain. Gail, who is a data protection officer at the O.U. will be able to advise us.

Enid Pepper suggested that in November the members & friends might care to watch a film made by Peter Gardner & others, about 20 years ago. This was greeted with enthusiasm. So it was left to Enid to check the availability of this with the parties concerned & we will if possible have our 3rd open meeting. The format as before, anticipated date for this Nov. 13th.

Sheila Quinn had tried to photo "Crump’s" house at No 10, Clissold Rd. Stoke Newington, but the even numbers had been demolished, to make way for further development.

Helen Vale gave us a short talk on what the ‘Clutch’ club was all about & how it could affect SHS. The whole project was set up just a year ago to introduce school children & parents to the world of I.T. information technology. Sherington school chose as their subject ‘Holidays’ covering all sorts of outings, week long family jaunts to Sunday School days out at Wicksteed park. This project run by the O.U. draws to a close at the end of September. The equipment that was purchased for the project now becomes surplus to requirements, & Sherington School with the backing of SHS may be able to retain this for their own & SHS’s use, on permanent loan. It will also enable the school to maintain the 12 page web-site that has been set up by the Clutch Club.

Norman raised the question of dedicating a plaque to Arthur J Crump Sherington’s most notorious artist, who died in 1935, is buried in St Lauds churchyard in an unknown grave. The members had mixed feelings about how & where, so the matter was not resolved, & adjourned.

It was voiced that SHS might like to host its own "Open afternoon" early in the new year. To coincide with the first open viewing of the ‘Millennium Album’

The treasurer reported that SHS is in a quite healthy situation with a bank & petty cash balance of £1,080 – 58. this will change over the next month as the millennium project comes to an end & there will be some more minor expense, but should not alter substantially.

There were several suggestions, how to use some of the monies, £600, that was passed to us from the Millennium Fund, i.e. digital camera, photo copier/all in one printer copier scanner, memorial to Crump, this again was not resolved & left for a future decision.

The next meeting will be at the local studies centre CMK, next to the MK library. It was suggested that we meet in the car park at approx 7 – 30pm & organise into car loads there. To be at MK by 8 pm. or if more convenient to individuals, meet there at the library. This will be on Tuesday October 9th.


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