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SHS Meeting Minutes 21


SHS, Committee Meeting.

Monday, 12TH Nov. 2001.Village Hall Document Centre. 8pm.

Present;- Norman Arnold, Sheila A.Quinn & Mark Vale.

  1. SAQ Had purchased the raffle prizes for Tuesday night at a cost of £10. MV reimbursed the cost out of petty cash. Prize donated by Kay Turrell to be held over for the Christmas party.
  2. Helen Vale sent "House for Sale" details from various Estate Agents. For the ‘Domesday Book’
  3. MILLENNIUM FUND MONEY: A further £80 has been received from John Cook. This is the last of the Fund Money and will be offset against the Photograph Project costs. J.C. is willing to open the meeting on the publication date, March 16th 2002.
  4. SAQ suggested a donation in the region of £50 to SCAN. The idea will be put out to the membership at the AGM. Mark suggested that we could have the right to catalogue "SCAN" on a CD ) in exchange for a donation.
  5. Mark will close the financial year on the 31st December 2001 and annually thereafter.
  6. December/Christmas meeting Tuesday 11th December in the Village Hall. A social evening with wine and light refreshments. Mark to speak to Enid regarding refreshments. SAQ to purchase 8 bottles of wine (any not used will be retained for use as raffle prizes at the next "Open meeting"). Members will be invited to bring a bottle, nibbles, etc.! Mark to organise background music.
  7. MILLENNIUM MONEY: Approx £600 which we would prefer to be spent in a positive way. NA. costed the ‘LITEROCK’ obelisk and plaque – approx £300 plus fitting. This, will not be pursued, as there appeared little enthusiasm amongst members.
  8. PHOTOCOPIER If we decided to purchase a photocopier, Playgroup have said that they are willing to share the cost of the running materials on a 50/50 basis.
  9. MILLENNIUM PHOTO’ ALBUM: Saturday, 16th March 2002 in the VH. The VH has been booked for the afternoon during which the Millennium Photograph Albums will be presented to the village. John Cook as the Chairman of the now disbanded Millennium Committee will give a short introduction address. The event will be in association with the Bucks Family History Group who will have a table display and are willing to give a short talk to an interested group, if necessary. NA to produce posters for display in the village billing "Albums + Family History" and, with a reverse billing for display in local libraries! SAQ to enquire about advertising the event in the FOCUS magazine, the Village Roundup column in the Citizen and in the MKCVO news letter, Community Link. The event is also to be included in our December article for SCAN.
  10. CLUTCH CLUB: Mark brought 2 copies of the CD of all the local Clutch Club projects.
  11. WEBSITE Recent Additions: a) Sherington Burial Records from the Burial Books 1813-1855. Linked to the Home Page. b) Most of SHS minutes. C) More School annual photographs. d) Mark will be scanning in the Sherington parts of our collection of SCANs, this will be a long tedious process. They need to be indexed & be easily available for viewers.
  12. We do need better publicity for our open evenings & Alan & Pam at the shop have said we may put a large advertising board outside of their stores, a few days in advance of these events.

2002 CALENDAR There was a long discussion on program for 2002. So far as follows it is proposed :

JAN. Tues,8th, General meeting VH

FEB. Tues,12th, All archives open to members

MARCH, Tues,12th, AGM in VH

Sat, 16th, Photos + Family History Group

APRIL, Tues, 9th, General Meeting

MAY , Tues, 14th, General meeting

JUNE, Tues, 11th, Village walk (evening)

Village Fete

JULY, Tues, 9th, General meeting

AUGUST Closed month

SEPTEMBER, Tues, 10th General Meeting

OCTOBER, Tues, 8th, General meeting

NOVEMBER, Tues 12th, General meeting.

DECEMBER, Tues 10th, Christmas meeting.

This list will be updated as the year progresses, & all arrangements after March are subject to availability etc. It is the aim of the committee to map out the following year during the previous year.

12. Norman is concerned that much of the information coming in to the society, is not being seen by the members and that quite often explanations are needed before the particular archive is looked at. This particularly happens when there is an open meeting between general meetings. In an attempt to cut down on "waffle" at these general meetings, (there will always be some), but to keep members well informed, it was decided to display the minutes of the now regular committee meetings at the monthly meetings. In addition a monthly newsletter will be produced. The format of this will evolve gradually, but should include a synopsis of the data gathered during the previous month. Minutes of general meetings will not be circulated as in the past, but notes will be kept of comments and suggestions by members & then if necessary, acted upon & circulated, via the newsletter. All members please note that you must feel free to offer suggestions or comments at any time to any committee member. We do need your input. Both the minutes of committee meetings & newsletter should be available at the beginning of each month, & but only the newsletter will be circulated, by E-mail if possible. The minutes will not be ordinarily circulated.

13. Speakers are needed for 2002. We do not want to book anyone expensive, but we do need speakers with a broad appeal. It was thought that we should not wear out Phil Smith or Alan Richardson. both of whom have volunteered their services as & when needed.

Meeting closed at 10-15pm. next committee meeting to be on the 27th November 2001, no committee meeting in December, but from Jan 2002 to be held on a regular basis on the 4th Tuesday in each month.

NA. & SAQ.


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