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SHS Meeting Minutes 22


SHS. Committee Meeting.

Tuesday 27th November 2001. Village Hall Document Centre. 7-30pm.

Present;- Norman Arnold. Sheila Quinn, Mark Vale.

  1. William Cowper Evening, fairly successful evening, approx 40 members & public attending. Monies received totalled £66, Expense were £10-50, hall hire,- £10, wine for Philip Smith & Peter Gardner, £10-01, raffle prizes. The profit made on the evening was approx £36, plus the income from the donations to the tea & coffee fund (not yet accounted).
  2. Building Society balance at this date was £1105 – 54 before the expenses, less £34 combined expenses, (Chairman & Secretary. Which puts us in a very good position financially.
  3. Properties. Several more property files were opened, estate agents details collected from Helen Vale.
  4. 40 Water Lane. Some information on this property was sent for our files by E-mail, from Colin Davis the present owner.
  5. Holidays. A letter from Jesse Line primarily for the Clutch Club project, this is now closed. So with their permission the, the letter has been put into our files to be added to the clutch club documents. With credits to C.C.
  6. Christmas meeting. 11th December 2001. Invitations have been passed out to all members. Enid has volunteered to make enough mince pies to go round, Sheila Q will purchase sausage rolls & wine. Members were requested to bring a contribution ( edible or inbibable SAQ.)
  7. 2002 Calendar. Further discussion on this, it is still the committees & the Societies aim to have alternate open & general meetings, but we must not lose sight of the aims of the Society. We are not an entertainment group Jan. Tues. 8th General meeting. Feb Tues. 12th All archives open to members. Mar. Tues. 12th AGM, with possibly a speaker after. Mar. Sat. 16th Millennium Opening, Einids Tapestry unveiling & attendance by Bucks FHS . April Tues. 9th General meeting. May Tues. 14th General meeting. June Tues. 11th Village walk, conducted by P. Smith. July Tues. 9th General meeting. August Summer recess, no meeting. Sept. Tues. 10th General meeting. Oct. Tues. 8th Speaker yet to be decided. Nov. Tues. 12th General meeting. Dec. Tues. 10th Christmas party. This calendar is subject to change, but will be possibly added to as the year advances.
  8. Advertising for March 16th. Sheila will be contacting ‘Community Link’ for an ad. in their monthly periodical. Deadline Jan 7th.Also MK Messenger for their monthly ‘What’s On’ page. This can only be done now, through their website. Norman will design & print posters for circulation through the borough libraries. Advert/poster to be in February Scan.
  9. Your first Newsletter. Has now been circulated, we have had one comment & that was favourable.
  10. Speakers. As stated above we can introduce more speakers into the programme. Names mentioned Philip smith, Alan Richardson, Derek George (on Tyringham), Peter Gardner has 2 more films, Dianne Sutton who will have a talk about the Rainbow family of Sherington, sometime soon. She will also put together a talk about our murder.
  11. Mercer’s Barn. An e-mail was received from Colin Davis with over 10 pages of facts & diagrams about this barn. These with an accompanying letter was sent to the following:- MK Planning office. Ruth Meardon,Local Studies Centre, CMK. Neil Loudon, MK museum. The County Records Office, Aylesbury. J.W.Cook & Sons. Manor Farm. David Keene, Sherington Parish Council. In this letter it has been stressed that the S.H Society is not prejudiced or biased in any way & will not be involved in any way, for or against this planning application. BUT, individuals on their own account, can of course make representation as they wish.
  12. Mark wished to minute, to Les. Milnes, Sheila Quinn & Norman Arnold, the societies thanks for their efforts at CMK. Selling VW / Community Foundation raffle tickets, they sold 138 tickets, raising £69 for the SHS. on that day. Raffle tickets will be offered to individual members
  13. Honorary Membership. Mark suggested that Peter Gardner & Philip Smith be made honorary members. But the constitution does not allow this. It will be attended to at the AGM.
  14. Photos. Philip Smith has loaned 2 of his personal albums to SHS, for any photos of interest to be copied, then returned. These cover the Sherington re-unions that he has organised in the past. There is a lot of work to be here. There are at least 6 more albums to be done on this project, these Philip has promised to us.
  15. No Committee Meeting. There will not be a committee meeting on the 3rd Tuesday in December 25th, as the secretary has led the revolt. Consequently the next meeting will be on the 3rd Tues. in January 2002. Any comments will be added to the agenda for this meeting.


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