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SHS Meeting Minutes 23


SHS.Committee Meeting.

Tuesday 29th January 2002, 2, School Lane.7-30pm.

Present;- Norman Arnold, Sheila Quinn, Mark Vale.

1. THE BARN: NA has emailed English Heritage who replied that their customer service dept would reply within 5 working days. The said Email was passed to the Southeast region who passed it to a colleague and suggested that we contact the South Weald Rural Museum or the Museum of Rural Life at Reading. However, only long distance telephone numbers were given – No contact name was mentioned and it was decided that NA was correct in not trying to follow up any further as we have advised everyone that we consider may be interested or of assistance. We had hoped that maybe MK Museum of Rural Life would have been interested in demolishing and rebuilding the Barn but although all the relevant interested bodies had been approached, no return interest has been shown. As far as we know Planning Permission has been granted to Michael Cook for the demolition of the Barn and subsequent building of new dwellings.

2. EMAIL FROM JOHN GRANT, 4 CARTERS CLOSE: We have received an Email from Mr. Grant regarding the information about Carters Close on the website. He appears to be in dispute with us regarding the information and NA has replied inviting Mr. Grant to rewrite the paragraph for the Website and to join the SHS. Mr. Grant considers that the area was made up of Pierces Farm, Spicers Mews, Mercers Manor Farm, Home Close & Agnes Grames Farm. He does not mention Chibnalls Farm. SAQ commented that it would have been better if the developers had retained the old names for the areas instead of naming the whole lot "Carters Close". (The subsequent reply from Mr Grant, ignores the invitations & goes on to say he has "No definite proof" & "It seems reasonable to assume the obvious".

3. PHILIP SMITH PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS: NA has completed copying photo albums loaned to us by Phil Smith also some pics from Mark & Helen. NA listed various new photos and documents that are to be added to the files eg. PS’s father outside the bungalow, house in Church Rd being built, lorry in ditch (Water Lane), Fleets lambing pen before Village Close was built, a zeppelin over Hickson’s butchers shop, young Bernard Haynes and John Clare, etc. etc

We have also copied a set of Mark Vales photographs.

4. NEW MEMBERS. Welcome to two new members, Don & Irene Macfarlane.

5. E-MAIL FROM MR. CAVE: We have received two emails from a Mr. Cave who is looking into his family history. His first email asked for any information on the Cave family in Sherington. A second one apologising for the first and saying that the enquiry should be to the village of Shennington quickly followed it. NA replied with some Sherington Caves and it now appears that he is could indeed be looking for the Cave’s of Sherington!! We aim to please!

6. CLUTCH CLUB MEETING: NA was invited to a meeting of the Clutch Club committee, which was attended by 4 people. Helen Vale, Kay Turrell, Sue Temple & NA.Their first new major project will be based on the Golden Jubilee celebrations in the village. The setting up of their web site is causing some problems as the originator of the school site was Geoff Spring & his circumstances have now changed. Mark has expressed willingness to do this. Mrs. Tranter & Helen to interview Mr. Stephens; Helen to interview Mr. Charlie Haynes regarding their memories of the last jubilee. Norman to be interviewed about his memories of the 1935 Jubilee (yes, he is that old!)

7. ST. LAUDS: Mark had found something interesting in Newport Pagnell library, a copy of a page from Buildings of England, (Buckinghamshire) The page was on Sherington Village.

8. DORIS STEPHENS THESIS: A copy of Mrs. Stephens’ thesis on Rural Crafts in Sherington now on file.

9. VARIOUS bits of paper and information were salvaged from the Parish Council clear out.

10. 16TH MARCH: SAQ has placed an advert in the Community Link bi-monthly news letter. Hopefully information will also be in the Milton Keynes Messenger.

11. MILLENNIUM PHOTO’ ALBUMS: Some photos from Perry End are still outstanding.

12. FINANCE REPORT: Mark has produced an end of year financial statement which has to be audited by Barry Hollis. A copy will be given to each member at the AGM. We now have a healthy balance of£1,023 - 40

13. AGM: SAQ to organise copies of the AGM 2001 for distribution to members attending the AGM. 2002.

14. SPEAKERS, Program of speakers is yet to be finalised.

15. COMMUNITY FOUNDATION: Query: Do we renew our membership of the Wakeup to Partnership Scheme at Kiln Farm? We have obtained a lot of office furniture from Kiln Farm and are not sure if we are likely to make use of a second year’s membership.

16. SHS WEBSITE: NA to give website file to SAQ for proof reading (oh goody). Mark Vale is investigating Jack Ivester Lloyd (author) and Tom Ivester Lloyd (artist) via the internet. A gallery in the States has info on TIL.

17. WEB SITE: MV is adding a "last updated" note to the website information. This will allow viewers assess when the information was placed on the web or how recently updated. There is now a printed out copy of most of the web-site for members to look at.

19. ARCHIVE FILING: It is becoming increasingly important that we devise a comprehensive filing system. This is partly taken care of but not fully. NA & SAQ will spend some time over this to devise a system.

Meeting closed at 9-45pm approx.

Next meeting 7-30pm 22nd or 23rd Feb.



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