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SHS Meeting Minutes 27


SHS Committee Meeting,

Tuesday 28th May 2002. 8pm. at 33, Crofts End.

Apologies; Sheila Quinn.

Present Norman, Arnold, Mark Vale & Pearl Teasdale.

1) Edith Lucas. Norman stated that the 12 water colour painting by Edith Lucas had now been scanned onto 5 CDs, at a good resolution. They had also been copied onto 5 more CDs as back-ups. We now needed to approach the Parish Council for permission to use these for the proposed note-lets, post cards & calendars. We also need to produce some history of her life.

2) At Risk Policy. Mark is still studying the MK Heritage At Risk Policy; drawn up by MK Heritage Assc.

3) Church Fete, We have now booked into the Church Fete programme for the 22nd of June. The theme will be to scan, photograph & record documents, as well as the usual archives.

4) Walk & Talk, Tickets & posters are all printed, for June 11th, ready for distribution later. We anticipate approx 35 40 people on the walk. After speaking to people who had arranged walking meetings at other venues, it was decided to keep the numbers as low as possible. But as it is a first for us, we must wait & see how Philip copes with who ever turns up.

5) Scanner, We investigated the cost of an A3 flatbed scanner, but the cost does seem to be prohibitive. 850 - 2,500. So we will just leave this on the back burner.

6) Christenings, We have had a couple of replies to our requests, a new orange photo page has been designed & is now in use.

7) Thursday Group, Pearl has volunteered to produce an archive of the activities of the New Thursday Group.

8) Voters Lists, Pearl suggested it might be interesting to collect past copies.

9) Sherington Artists, We need to enlarge on the content of our artists archive. There is a quantity of pictures available within the village.

10) Census, Ruth Mearden from the local studies centre has promised to produce a copy of the 1901 census, this will need transcribing & a copy returned to the local studies centre.

11) The Mound, Wendy has a photo album of the building of the mound, compiled by Pearl. We need to see this.

12) Plant Sale, Mark passed on the church plant sale posters, & some church diary posters. Also Jubilee posters of church services.

13) Sherington People, Mark found a database of Bucks people on the internet, & in detail passed to us a list of Sherington people being sought by present day relations. Mark will investigate this.

14) Accounts, The account still stands at approx 1,100, the treasurer stated that there have been no heavy expenditures this month. But also no great incomes.

15) MK 50/50 Car Raffle. Some discussion on this came to no decision. It will be raised at a future meeting closer to the date of the raffle.

16) Village Handbook, Mark found & passed to us for copying, a village handbook from a small village in Hampshire. This will be of help when do our guide & handbook.

17) Parish Council Centenary, Pearl also volunteered to produce an archive of the Parish Council centenary year & all the events that were arranged & took place over the year.

18) Speakers, Mark will contact someone to speak around October / November We have already tentatively arranged for Peter Gardner / Philip Smith to give a Bygones evening in the Autumn.

The meeting closed at 9-15pm approx & thanks were expressed to Pearl for her hospitality. Next committee meeting to be on Tuesday 25th June.




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