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SHS Meeting Minutes 28


Minutes of SHS Committee Meeting

‘Pearls Place’ 33, Croft End.

Monday 29 July, 2002.8pm.

(On the night of the 3hr. thunderstorm.)

Present:- Norman Arnold, Mark Vale, Pearl Teasdale.

Apologies for absence:- Sheila Quinn..

1, The school Log Books have been obtained for transcription, from Mrs Nouch, with the permission of the school governors. There are 4 older volumes, dating from 1892. and one further volume that is currently being used. Whether there were log books from the opening of the school to 1892, we do not know.

In these 4 volumes there is something like 1,400 - 1700 pages of handwriting to transcribe. A very big task, but a perfect historical record of Sherington School, time tables, syllabuses, how it ran, what its aims were, but most important, names of very many pupils & residents of Sherington.

The 1892 – 1902 famous (infamous) headmaster, Frank Collett should have his career researched. As he has proved a most diligent hard working character, he changed the school from an inefficient country school, to a highly regarded leader in local education.

It also gives us a great historical record of the forces that affected life. Epidemics of measles, Sherington Feasts, local events outings etc.etc.

A photo-copy, copy has been made of the 1900 – 1960 punishment book has been made, this has approx 30 pages so it was feasible to do this. There is no current punishment book.

2, Speakers, We have no more speakers booked for this year but we may be able to arrange one with Philip & Peter.

Elizabeth Knight, - on Lace Makers,

Neil Loudon, - Stony Stratford Boatyard.

Peter Gardner & Philip Smith. - On Old Sherington.

Alan Richardson., - Postcards.

3, Raffle Tickets to sell at CMK, dates are to be confirmed by us. We need to ask for volunteers to sell at CMK.

4, The BT Community Computers, it appears that it would not apply to us. Like other projects that we have explored, they need higher profile clubs, projects or organisations.

5, The Village Documents that we now have permission to copy, are all dated 1798, they relate to various parcels of land attached to the village parish. There are 25 documents & one large map. These are all joined together at the bottom edge and will cause a problem copying. But the information will be passed on to the MK Museum for their approval.

The decision of how the profit from the proposed notelets, calendars & Xmas cards from the Edith Lucas paintings etc. will be disbursed, will be put on the agenda for the next (September) parish council meeting

6, Censuses The 1871 census for Sherington started by Andrew Waters has now been finished. The 1861 is now in the process of being transcribed. There are other censuses to be explored & the Muster Rolls, all to be researched & transcribed.

7, Accounts, Summary there are no great changes, £30 was made on the ‘Walk & Talk’ evening. Approx £20 on the Walk & £10 from donations at the tea counter. Balance stands at £1,152.- 79.

8, Pearl will loan 2 postcards, for copying, with an interesting history. These had been sent to her.

9, Electorial Rolls, this would be an interesting project, for one of the members to research. There is wealth of information in these electorial rolls about who lived where, as addresses are given.

10, Mark suggested recording the general meetings. This would ensure that any ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ would be recorded for posterity.

11, Pearl suggested an exhibition of ‘Sherington Artists’ work, copies or originals. This would make an interesting project for a member.

12, Pearl has volunteered to put together a folder for the Parish Council Centenary Year . There is also a small photographic record of the building of the mound., now in SHS files.

13, Mark has found a Bucks website of Sherington historical family names. Bucks surname list. ex Sherington.

Next committee meeting, Tuesday 24th September.


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