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SHS Meeting Minutes 3


Sherington Historical Society.

Minutes of the meeting held at 38 Water Lane, on Wednesday, 12th April 2000,

Those present were :- Enid Pepper Sheila Quinn

Anita Arnold Helen Vale

Norman Arnold Gail waters.

Apologies were received from:-

Mark Vale Sheila Line

Jesse Line Pat Elliott.

Norman outlined the meeting that he, Sheila & Mark, had with Derek George, chairman of the Stoke Goldington association. An historical group, very similar to the society that we can envisage for Sherington. So much so, that it would suit Sherington to copy almost exactly, the method that Stoke uses for their filing their data. See the attached notes from that meeting.

On show were the first 3 lever arch files, for Sherington HS, with token examples of the way the filing system works, within these files. This met with members approval.

Also shown were proof samples of the SHS constitution, enrolment forms, & letter headed note paper. Also the cover pages for the 3 files, Domesday book, Village Affairs book & Village people/personalities book. All these were approved by the members present, & gratefully accepted that the constitution & enrolment forms should be printed on a delightful shade of (free) blue paper.

Helen has undertaken to prowl round the estate agents, for the property for sale brochures. This is way to obtain free information on properties within the village. Helen has also undertaken to oversee the village diaries. This is double edged, it is primarily to avoid clashes between village functions, but it will also give us warnings so that we can have a representative at these functions.

Gail brought along the deeds of her property to show, these date from 1901, & are impressive looking, we may be able to obtain copies of these.

Sheila brought more documentation on No2 School Lane & that is now in the process of being copied. Also she has been in communication with Charles Wells brewery about the Swan, in the High St. They have promised a list of landlords & some details about the alterations that were made to this building during its restorations.

Norman will have copies of the new enrolment forms & constitutions made, these will be circulated to all prospective members.

The stall for the Village Fete in the village hall has been booked, for Sunday 4th of June. So it is now time to start collecting items for this show. Please to bring these along to the next meeting. Also, now the filing system is in operation, we can accept all the items that are offered to us, start collecting.

It was suggested that letters be sent to any members of the village who have moved on, for their recollections of their times in the village community. We shall start with Edna White & Monica & Dennis Cheeseman.

Then followed a general talk & discussion on all sorts of topics, & aspects of the Society.

The meeting ended at 10pm, with thanks to Enid & Ted for their hospitality.

The next meeting will be at Knoll Cottage, at 8pm on Wednesday 10th May 2000.


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