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SHS Meeting Minutes 30


SHS Committee Meeting.

Tuesday, 29TH October, 2002 8pm, at 21a High St.

Present: Norman Arnold, Mark Vale & Sheila Quinn.

Apologies: Pearl Teasedale.

1) Enclosure Docs. Norman went to Biggleswade with Roger Drage of the MKHA to have the Enclosure Documents, 1797, copied. So far we have a copy of the Enclosure Map. There was a problem copying the other documents as they are held together with ribbon and seals but by devious means copies were made and a CD is in the process of production. We are waiting for the CD and prints.

2) New Member. David Coe of Park Road has joined the Society.

3) Emails: Sheila brought 2 emails that have been sent to the Society. One in particular is of interest as the sender could well be a descendent to the Sharpe of the Sherington Murder fame. Norman to look further into this.

4) Murder Books. Norman suggested that we have a reprint (possibly 50) of the Murder book. It was considered to be a good idea, especially as we have a future booking, yet to be confirmed, for a talk by the press secretary of the Newport Pagnell Hist. Soc. about the murder.

5) 3 Counties Broadcast. SAQ apologised for omitting Norman & Philipís moment of fame on Three Counties Radio program from the November Scan!! We now have a copy of the tape.

6) Film Show. Norman has delivered a bottle of wine and a letter of thanks each to Philip and Peter as gestures of thanks for their film show at our October meeting.

7) Philip Smithís book: "Sherington Voices" SHS now has a copy of this.

8) Edith Lucas paintings: These are now on CD. Rather large files, but of super quality, the 12 pictures cover 5 CDs.

9) Eve McLaughlin: Copy of a booklet about Sherington by E. McLaughlin, much of which has been copied from Chibnell, is in the possession of the Society (courtesy of P. Smith).

10) Annie Chibnall: A copy of Annie Chibnallís diary has been obtained. Written while on a tour of Europe and the UK in 1927 - 1928 as a young girl with her father on a business trip. Diary is 45 pages long and Norman has copied this has now made it into a booklet. The couple set out from Freemantle, Australia, and are related to the Chibnall, of the book fame.

11) Census: We now have copies of all censuses 1841 - 1901 & all censuses are bound. separately.

12) Comb Binder: Norman has purchased a binder at a cost of £50. (It was on special reduced by £14-00).

13) Calendars: SAQ provided each member of the committee with a rough costing based on prices from New Bradwell Reprographics. This will prove to be too expensive and Norman has been busy making an example of one that we can produce ourselves at a cost of approx £1. We could sell it for £2.99, giving us a profit of £1 and allowing a commission of £1 for Alan Simms at the village shop. We have a supply of coloured card to be used as the backing sheet and computer copies of a selected Edith Lucas painting can be made. Norman has produced the calendar pages on white paper. SAQ is to look for a pastel shade of paper to match the backing sheet. It was agreed that a calendar is produced using the cream backing paper with a coloured calendar cover and a matt finish photograph. Norman will produce one each for members as a "market research" project.

14) Parish Map Posters: SAQ to contact Penny Maylin of the Bucks Community Action and make enquiries regarding the production of Parish Maps. These are stylised maps with artistic scenes incorporated, making them highly decorative. Chicheley has produced one.

15) Christmas Meeting: Mark suggested that members be invited to bring paintings related to the village (either of the village or by village artists) to the Christmas meeting. The format similar to last year, mince pies, nibbles & SAQ to purchase the wine.

16) SAQ raised the subject of an art show that had previously been suggested by Pearl Teasdale. Committee thought this might be a good idea and would like some feedback from the members.

17) Finance: MV reported that our balance stands at £1,203.24p.

18) Community Car Raffle: SAQ has the raffle tickets and will distribute some books of tickets to the members at the next meeting. (For their own personal sale.) Our date for selling tickets at CMK is Friday, 22nd November 1pm-5pm. Volunteer ticket sellers, on the day, are Norman, Sheila Q, Phil Smith & Kay.

19) 2003 Village Fete: A meeting is to be held at the Manor House on the 19th November at 8pm to discuss next yearís fete!!!!!!! This it is expected will be a much larger affair and may be a multi-centre function. Norman & Mark have volunteered to attend.

20) Website: Mark has spent 3 days updating the website and showed us the revised Church Tour, it is so far a great improvement. Our web-site is still one of the best in the area, we do get praise on every E-mail that comes, but we also do get viewers sending us corrections. Our thanks to Helen for her patience!

21) Next Meeting: A December date and venue was not fixed!! It will be early in January 2003.



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