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SHS Meeting Minutes 31


SHS Committee Meeting

Tuesday 7TH January, 2003.8pm at 24, School Lane.


Present: Norman Arnold, Mark Vale & Sheila Quinn.

Apology: Pearl Teasdale.

  1. SAQ received an Email from David Harding, who resides in Oldham but is a member of the Bucks Family History Society. He is looking for information regarding his family; SAQ has acknowledged the email and NA will follow up.
  2. NA has received a request from the Snowy & Timmy Keech that we have a film show about The Sherington Feasts. NA has spoken to Philip Smith & Peter Gardner, who have agreed to show the film about the first 1978 Feast. The date of 11th February was settled on, with the usual arrangements for tickets, refreshments & a raffle. SAQ to put an article in SCAN.
  3. Vic Moxham was taken ill at his grandaughter's house over Christmas & is in hospital at Oxford. SAQ to buy and send a card from SHS.
  4. Morgans of Yew Tree Farm: NA has had several conversations with Mr. Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Rollinson and has added several photographs of Yew Tree Farm & other interesting documents to the archives.
  5. NA has purchased some multi capacity disc boxes for the Edith Lucas painting CDs (5 in a set) and the Enclosure Documents CDs. (4 in a set) Mark is to return the Enclosure CDs that he has and NA is to offer them to the Parish Council.
  6. NA suggested that we start a photographic record of members of the SHS. It was pointed out that we have photographs of gatherings of other village organisations & members of the village, but none of our own organisation.! MV & SAQ agreed to the suggestion it will, of course, be voluntary!
  7. The calendar that NA produced for members has been well received (the only adverse comment was regarding the colour of the cover and SAQ owned up for omitting to visit Staples and purchase the necessary toning paper to match the back card!!). Alan Sims of Virginia House Stores considers that we would be able to sell it for about 3.50 and he would be very happy to have them for sale in the shop. NA advised him that we would also be selling them at the Village Fete. We will produce approx 75 calendars for the year 2004.
  8. NA has purchased a new rotary 'Roladec' file for the grand sum of 1 and he feels that we can find a use for it. (Usual price 39-95) Within, our yet to be set up filing system.
  9. SAQ is to contact New Bradwell Reprographics regarding the progress of the reprint of the Sherington Murder Book.(now completed at a cost of approx 27-00 )
  10. Finance: MV reported that we have a bank balance of 1,163.74 plus 50 petty cash. The possibility of opening a cheque account to make the payment of bills easier and more convenient was discussed. It was felt that a chequeing account would be a convenient way for our treasurer to settle his bills. The account would of course still need 2 signatures. SAQ is to obtain an application form from the Nationwide Building Society for a Flex Account.
  11. Agenda for 2003 meetings: NA reported that John Tite from Olney, would be willing to give a talk on the Tyringham Estate.

The following provisional agenda was decided upon:

January: Normal Meeting

February: Open Meeting -Feasts Film Show

March: AGM

April: Normal 2nd Tuesday meeting plus, possibly, a Historical Afternoon event in the Village Hall, possibly in association with the New Thursday Club. Norman to speak to Enid Pepper regarding the arrangements.

May: Normal Meeting. It should also be noted that the above mentioned Historical Afternoon may be held in May. It was decided that Phil Smith would be asked to do one of his Bygones Evenings in either April or May, depending which month the Historical Afternoon was held.

June: Normal meeting plus involvement in Village Fete, dependant upon the facilities offered to us.

July: Talk about the Tyringham Estate by John Tite (subject to confirmation)

August: No meeting in this month.

September: Normal meeting

October: Open Meeting Talk and slide show by Alan Richardson (postcard man) subject to confirmation.

November: Normal Meeting

December: Christmas Social

13 Community Car Raffle: A total of 198 tickets were sold, giving us an income of 99. To be drawn in February.

14 Field Family. Ella has kindly allowed us to borrow & copy Photos, newspaper cuttings & documents relating to her family, which have been added to our archives.

15 Church Fete. This was discussed at length, & agreed that we wait & see on this event. The organisers would like SHS to take part, but it will depend on the type of facilities that are offered. We do need dry & draught proof premises with tables & chairs etc.

N.A. S.A.Q. M.V.


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