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SHS Meeting Minutes 32


SHS Committee Meeting.

Tuesday 28th January, 2003 8pm. 24 School Lane.

PRESENT: Norman Arnold, Mark Vale, Pearl Teasdale & Sheila Quinn

New Member: Avril Atkinson has joined the Society.

Vic Moxham: Vic died at home on Thursday, 23rd January, 2003. SAQ to send condolence card.

1). Giro Bank Account: Pearl has the telephone number for enquiries regarding opening a Giro Bank Account. This account will be opened as soon as is practicable, subject to being satisfactory.

2).Viking Stationery Supplies: Norman has opened an account with Viking. An order of £30 or more is delivered free of postage & package. It is a next day service & it opens up a wider access to goods than are normally available over the counter.

3).Film Show 11th February: "Days of Shefco" film show arrangements were finalised. NA has put up posters around the village, SAQ has arranged an advert in February SCAN. Committee members will each have tickets for sale and they will also be available at the Virginia Stores.

4). Calendars: Alan Simms has the one spare calendar on display in the village shop. It is hoped to get some public response –( our basic market research)!!

5). Dr. Starr: Dr. Starr is convinced that he is a descendant of James Boon – the murdered man in the Sherington Murder saga. He visited Norman & Emailed SHS and has given a copy of James Boon’s death certificate. If another reprint of the book is done the death certificate will be added to the script.

6). Member’s photographs: Norman obtained a photograph of Les Milne (dec). He has designed a page to hold a photo and also a few lines of biography for each member. A photograph of each member is now required.

7). Millennium Project: There are 45 unused archive quality photograph envelopes and Norman has received a request from the Bucks Family History Group to purchase them. He proposed that we retain 10 and sell the remaining 35 to them at a cost of 90p each (the original cost to us 77p + vat)

8). Photocopier: The photocopier kindly donated to us by Mr. Mrs. Barber (Deardon Trophies) is to be serviced at a cost of approx. £47 + VAT. The company that have serviced the machine & from whom it was purchased, are willing to service on an Ad Hoc basis, not on a service contract. A discussion followed as to whether or not to allow its use by other village organisations. It was decided not to "advertise" the fact that we have the copier but to undertake copying for others at a cost of 3p a sheet (the same as the vicar charges) if requested.

9). Gillian Skinner: Gillian has been able to obtain lots of family history from our files. She has lent her family photograph album to Norman for copying and also the Bishops Prize (a prayer book) awarded to her grandmother. Gillian has also kindly provided a set of photographs for Pearl, who has a friend with connections to Gillian’s family.

10). Snippets Book: It was suggested that we start a "Snippets Book" to keep a record of small bits of information. This followed Pearl’s comment that Ben Line played the organ in a Spiritualists Church in Bedford. This will be acted upon as soon as a book is purchased. This will enable all the little interesting snippets of information to be collected & saved, not heard & then forgotten.

11). Finance: Mark reported that our year-end balance was £1,088.96p; income was £608.61p and total expenditure was £543.05. We are in good financial health.

12). Village Fete: Mark attended another meeting. He reported that ideas are firming up and plans seem to be formulated. There also appears to be a lot of interest from village people. Sue Herbert is in charge of the stall allocation and Mark is to contact her. Kay Turrell is also liasing with her. It is to be stressed that we require a stall with plenty of robust covering. Norman asked if the village hall is being used. It is booked but most of the fete will be at the Manor and Bankcroft field. We will still reserve commitment until we know more of the firm plans on the Fete Committee.

13). 2 Villages Archive: SAQ has received a ‘phone call from Joy Dawe, Secretary of the Two Villages Archive Trust (Broughton & Milton Keynes Village) requesting a Walk Around Sherington. SAQ has made arrangements with Philip Smith to host the walk on Monday 14th July, starting at 7pm. Mrs. Dawe expects that about 20 of their members will attend and has agreed that any of our members who are interested can join the throng!! I have received a letter of confirmation from Mrs. Dawe and she will endeavour to let me know a more definite number nearer the date. The walk will probably end up in the Swan, which will be under new management by then.

14). Meeting closed at 10-30 pm. with thanks to Sheila for tea, coffee, biscuits & being that it was the coldest of nights, the offer of something more warming.

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, 25th February at 'Pearl’s Place', 33 Crofts End. 8pm.


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