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SHS Meeting Minutes 33


SHS Committee Meeting.

Tuesday 24th February, 2003. 33 Crofts End.

Present: Norman Arnold, Mark Vale & Pearl Teasdale.

Apologies from Sheila Quinn, now a proud Grand Parent.

(A card has been sent on SHS's behalf.)

1) MK Heritage Assc. Meeting on 19th march will be attended by Mark Vale at the CMK Tourist Centre. The short, free, one day course at Bletchley Park "Marketing for Small Museums and Promotions on a Shoestring" will be attended by Sheila Quinn & Norman Arnold on 5th April 2003. This is a MKHA promotion.

2) Sherington Films: As a result of the very successful film show on 11th Feb. by Peter & Philip it was decided, with their permission, to investigate the possibility of recording their films digitally onto CDs, to save any further deterioration & also to be able to show to a wider audience. Peter also suggested that there may be some sales income from this. This project would be a sensible & useful way of using the Millennium money that SHS still holds. This is now being actively investigated on several fronts .

3) Village Fete: The next meeting will be on 4th March. Mark Vale will attend & will make our requirements known. The field below Bancroft & at the rear of the Manor will be made available for fete activities. Nothing has been firmly laid down as yet, but a tremendous amount of work by the various groups is going on.

4) Photocopier: The copier has now been serviced & found to be in very reasonable condition. A 'Corona' wire was the only replacement needed (Total cost 58 ) We will be able to use this M/C for copying for other organisations at the same price as the rectory charge 3 pence per copy.

5) Finance: We have received income of 31-66 for the sale of the archival quality envelopes that were surplus to our requirements (The Millennium Project) Also 30-00 income for supplying copies of photos & documents.

The financial accounts for 2002 have been passed to Pearl Teasdale for auditing ready for the March AGM.

6) Calendar: The calendar has been slightly modified to improve the appearance. Date dotted lines, instead of boxes. Mark Vale has undertaken to find technical details (Dates Etc) The production of 75 copies is now under way.

7) 11th Feb. Film Evening: Approx 140-00 was raised from the ticket sales, sale of raffle tickets & refreshment donations. (62-50 on ticket sales.)

8) Victorian Funerals Evening: The New Thursday Group have invited SHS to an evening talk on Thursday 5th June by Liz Carter on Victorian Funerals. Liz is an excellent speaker on this very interesting subject. This will be an open evening with the public being invited to attend a 1-00 entrance fee will be charged.

9) Bank Holiday Coffee Morning: This will be a combined event with SHS holding an all day historical exhibition & New Thursday Group their usual charity coffee morning. The cost of the hall hire to be shared, Monday 25th August. This will take the same format as our previous exhibitions, but maybe a theme will be introduced.

10) Mayday 2003: SHS have no plans to take part in this event or have a stall on the Knoll. We have not used this event in the past as the weather at this time of the year is so unpredictable.

11) A Sherington Book: SHS now think that they enough material to produce a village photographic & documentary book. This is a project which will need a considerable amount of editing work & input from the members on its content. This will be an important publication, a whole society publication.

12) School Log Books: A start has been made by Norman Arnold & David Coe on the 3rd log book. Pearl Teasdale has undertaken to transcribe the 4th book. So far nearly 900 pages have been transcribed. We have had possession of these books since last June & it is imperative that we draw this project to a conclusion as soon as possible.

The meeting closed at 9-45 with thanks to Pearl for her hospitality & the next meeting will be on 25th March 2003.



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