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SHS Meeting Minutes 35


Sherington Historical Soc.

Committee Meeting, 8pm.1st April, 2003.

24, School Lane.

Present: Norman Arnold, Mark Vale & Sheila Quinn

Apology: Pearl Teasdale

  1. SAQ. Gave Mark a leaflet regarding Post Office Giro cheque Accounts. This will now be set up.
  2. Calendars: All the paper and card needed to make the calendars has been purchased. Norman is to take the copier to the VH as this will be a more convenient place in which to carry out the work. SAQ volunteered to assist NA. at a time convenient to both.
  3. Toners for Copier: "Vikings" have the necessary toner on offer at present. NA to order two.
  4. Peter Gardner’s films: Norman reported that he has not made any further progress with this project. It is, however, an on going project and will take some time to complete. He has been in touch with Roger Drage at the MK Museum, who advised him to contact the Living Archive as they had undertaken a similar project. Unfortunately, although they have the equipment, they no longer have the staff capable of using it!
  5. Projector Bulb: NA is to purchase a new bulb for the 35 mm..projector – just in case of a mishap during a film show!!
  6. Bygones Evening: The usual arrangements regarding the door and refreshments will be kept. We have a bottle of wine for the raffle, Sheila will ‘phone Pearl about a possible prize and Mark will ask Helen. Mark suggested that we record Philip’s talk.
  7. Heritage Meeting: MV attended the meeting on Monday, 31st March. He will make a separate report, based on his notes.
  8. Postcards: Norman brought along some examples of postcards that he has produced using the allotment notice that Philip Smith showed to members at the AGM and also some photographs from the archives. It was decided to produce a sample collection for sale at the Village Fete. 250 gram paper will be purchased & used for these and NA is to enquire about the availability and cost of a glossy finish. It is hoped to be able to sell the postcards at 50p each.
  9. Village Fete: Mark was unable to attend the meeting on 31st March but hoped to receive a copy of the minutes in the near future. We still do not know what sort of accommodation we will be offered. A "theme" was discussed and it was decided that we use the suggestion made by Jesse Line at the AGM and try to put together a collection about Sherington during WW1 and WW2. Sheila is to appeal for photos, memorabilia, etc in the May edition of Scan.
  10. Council for Voluntary Organisations (CVO): It was decided that we rejoin the organisation. Mark paid £15 cash to Sheila, who will send a cheque.
  11. Emails: Sheila gave Norman copies of emails received in the SHS. Yahoo mailbox. These have been replied to.
  12. Finance: Mark reported that we have a balance of £1,328.68p including petty cash.



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