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SHS Meeting Minutes 38


Sherington Historical Society

Committee Meeting 29th July 2003. 7.30pm.

33, Crofts End, Sherington

Present:- Norman Arnold, Sheila Quinn & Pearl Teasedale.

Apologies :- Mark Vale.

1) Tuesday 8th July. The Committee was in agreement that, although Alan Richardson's talk was extremely enjoyable and better attended than anticipated, it would be better to hold such talks earlier or later in the year. Alan said to us that in his experience audiences were larger when the sun was not shining.

2) Two Archives Trust. SAQ received a letter of thanks from Joy Dawe, secretary of the trust thanking us for arranging the 'Walk an Talk' with Philip Smith. She enclosed a cheque for 20 and, after consulting with PS, it has been agreed that we use the money to produce more reference folders for his future W an T groups.

3) Turvey Walk an Talks. Alan Richardson conducts these on a regular alternate Wednesday schedule. The Committee thought it would be a good idea for SHS to arrange a date to attend one of these. SAQ has advised Joy Dawe of these walks.

4) 14th October 2003. Dianne Sutton of Newport Pagnell H S is giving us a talk based on our 1872 murder booklet. It will be an open evening with the usual arrangements. SAQ will write to Dianne one week in advance to confirm (and remind)

5) Bradwell Abbey Archealogical Event. NA went to Bradwell Abbey on Sunday 27th July. SHS were invited to attend this event and there were several local organisations represented there, selling items. But it was poorly attended by the public and NA felt that it was not our type of show and pleased that we did not make the effort.

6) Calendars. There are 50 calendars for sale in the village shop.

7) Stonepits Close. The annual leasing of Stonepits is put to tender locally by public auction at the annual Parish Meeting. The field is in the ownership of the village and the rent is used by the PC for work within the village. Philip Smith knows most of the history of this field, but not how it came into village ownership. Pearl enquired whether SHS could investigate further.

8) Community Car Raffle. SAQ is to choose a suitable date Tuesday seemed to be the only day of the week convenient to all those who volunteered to help.

9) Cine to DVD Project. NA and SAQ attended a fund raising seminar at the OU. in June We plan to apply again to the MK Community Foundation for a small grant. However, all though there is money around, we are not trying to undertake an outwardly visible project, that attracts money. Pearl suggested that we write to the Parish Council applying for a grant from the Parish Partnership Fund.. SAQ and PT will join forces to make this application and state that this will benefit the village as a whole.

10) 25th August. New Thursday Group annual charity event. SHS has agreed to share this event to display their archives. A video will be run displaying either Son Et Lumiere or the Buckingham Village Story. If possible a CD of the SHS village website will also be shown.. PT advised an entrance fee of 1 will be charged for tea/coffee and scones.

11) Aerial Photos. NA has obtained more aerial photos taken on Brian Morris's aeroplane trip, won at the fete.

12) Treasurers Report. A copy is attached to these minutes.

The next committee meeting is to be arranged later.


Treasurer's Report

Income from the fete is as follows:-

Sale of raffle tickets 55-00

we sold 110 tickets

Share of the general fete profit 215-00

our share was based on a medium effort and medium need basis.

The meeting with Alan Richardson raised 35-00

15-00 ticket sales, 18-00 on the raffle and 2-00 from tea donations.

Our total funds now stand at 1,508 - 67p


The amount of 'hits' that our website has produced this year have been steadily growing,

as follows;-

January 1.927

February 1,682

March 2,284

April 2,819

May 4,565

June 3,643



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