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Meeting held on Wed, 12th April, at Knoll Cottage.

Those present Norman Arnold Helen Vale

Anita Arnold Sheila Quinn

Mark Vale Gail Waters

Sheila Line Jesse Line,

Norman stated that SHS now had a confirmed booking at the Church fete on Sunday July 4th.

All members were asked to try to supply photos or documents for display, on that day.

Sheila Line had written to Milton Keynes Museum concerning MK Heritage Association, this may be a beneficial association to join.

The SHS now had 9 lever arch files, the surplus being stored in the upstairs office in the Village Hall. Norman had 30 copies of each, enrolment forms, constitutions, loan forms, village people pages & village buildings pages printed. A number of each were handed out to each committee member.

Sheila Quinn bought along more details of No2, School Lane for the archive.

The rest of the evening was spent in general discussion, & viewing photos that the members had bought along to the meeting.

Both the 1881 & the 1891 censuses have been transcribed, & are available for research.

The next meeting will be at Knoll Cottage on the 24th May at 8pm. This will be an extra meeting to discuss the stand at the church fete.

The meeting ended at 10-15pm & thanks were given to Helen & Mark for the use of their dining room & the refreshments.


Special meeting held on wed. 24th May, 8pm, at Knoll Cottage.

Those present, Mark Vale Helen Vale

Norman Arnold Anita Arnold

Gail waters Sheila Line

Sheila Quinn Enid Pepper

Apologies from Jesse Line,

This meeting was to discuss the church fete,

Firstly an apology was sent to Derek George of Stoke Goldington Association, by Norman, because of the cancellation of the meeting he had arranged, for SHS, at the Stoke reading rooms. Not enough members were available to attend.

The letter in reply to the enquiry for membership to the MK Heritage Association, this invited us to a meeting at Milton Keynes village hall on Thursday July 6th for more information. Mark & Norman accepted this on behalf of SHS & will attend.

Norman brought one of the notice boards that Ted Pepper had constructed for the Soc. size 4ft x 2ft. Altogether 9 of these will be available, hinged together in banks of 3. These met with approval.

Norman had written to Jackie Inskip, confirming that SHS needed to be inside the hall, for the church fete, & that wall space, & display space & a table was needed. Jackie replied to the effect that space was at a premium, & the space would not be available, but that SHS could have as much as was possible, but at least a 6ft x 2ft table.

Sherington / Oldhams mineral water bottles, a number of these have been donated By Mark & Helen, all broken but with the names intact, to be sold for funds. At this time very little is known about the history of Oldhams in Sherington. Either from Mr Hoole, the present owner of the Small House, or from Stacey Hill museum.

Sheila Line brought along a great folder full of newspaper cuttings, & letters written by past pupils of Sherington school. Thanks to Betty Feasey via Sheila Line. It was thought that there were too many to display, in view of the cramped space available. But an assessment would be made on the day of the fete. Norman had borrowed from Eileen West 2 scrapbooks of newspaper articles 1970 – 1976, some of these had been photo copied & inserted into the archive. Enid volunteered to copy the rest.

Sheila Line & Sheila Quinn will be available to help Norman set up the table in the morning,- Enid, Gail, Anita, Sheila Q Sheila L & Norman will be available in the afternoon.

A number of photographs are to be displayed, with some computer repros so it was thought that enough material was available. But it all depended on how much space would be made available on the day.

After some general discussion, the meeting ended at 9-45pm. Thanks were given to Mark & Helen for their hospitality & the refreshments.

The next meeting will be on June 14th at 8pm at knoll Cottage.



Meeting with the Millennium Committee,

In Sherington Village Hall, 7-30pm, Thursday 1st, June, 2000.

Those present John Cook, Chmn. Jane Cole, Philip Smith, & 3 members whose names Norman did not know.

The agenda was, a discussion of the proposed Millennium, Sherington Photo Album.

The reason that the Norman was invited to attend this meeting was because, in a recent discussion that Norman had with John Cook over the whole Millennium project, it was discovered that we (SHS) had mutual aims as far the village photos were concerned. SHS have a backward & forward policy of photographs of village residents, & the millennium project is an intense year 2000 project of photgraphing all the village residents. But the help at this stage that we could give each other, could be mutually beneficial. A pooling of resources.

The format would be as follows, first a leaflet drop to every household explaining the Millennium project, followed by a visit or telephone call to arrange a visit. Then an arrangement for a visit to photograph the family group, or as many as could be arranged. It was realised that not every one would be amenable to this project, so it was agreed that absolutely no pressure would be put on residents to take part. "Say thank you for your time", & walk away. Ideally the photo would be taken outside their front door so that part of their property would be in the photo. This then could be recognised at a future date. But remembering that it was the residents not the property was the object of the exercise.

The picture is to be taken by any reasonably good quality 35mm automatic modern camera, then to be processed by a company called ‘Tripleprint’ a mail order company, this will result in a 6" x 4" print for SHS, a 3" x 2" print for the Millennium album, & a 3" x 2" print for the photgraphee, at minimum cost, approx 12p per picture, as the company give a free film with every processing.

The village has been divided up into areas, and a member of the committee has been given an area each. SHS has been allocated half the High St. (from the crossroads towards Newport, The Knoll & possibly School Lane)

The next step is to be given enough forms & letters to do a leaflet drop, in those areas, & then to follow on with the process.

If any member of the SHS would like to be involved in this project please talk to Norman.


Church Fete.

We were allocated much more room than we had anticipated, 2 x 6ft tables & the whole of the stage area. So much so that Sheila Line & Jesse had to go home for more press cuttings & Photos. But we managed to fill one side of all 3 screens. They worked perfectly. Sheila, Jesse, Norman & Sheila Quinn worked in the morning to set out our stall. Sheila Q, Gail Waters & Norman manned the tables for a hectic 3 hours during the afternoon. There was a crowd round the picture boards, & tables all the time & questions & discussions were non-stop. As our first PR exercise it went better than we could have hoped, I feel that we have made the anticipated breakthrough to the residents that we had hoped to do. We had lots of encouragement from everyone who spoke to us.

Jackie Inskip brought up the costumes that Sheila had made for the Village Panto ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ in 1979-80. These along with photos & the press cuttings, made a great display

Our sincere thanks go to all of you that were involved.


P.S. we forgot the Oldhams bottles.


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