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SHS Meeting Minutes 42



Tuesday, 9th March, 2004 in Sherington Village Hall


Present: Norman Arnold, Sheila Quinn, Mark Vale, Pearl Teasdale, Don Macfarlane, Irene Macfarlane, Enid Pepper, Anita Arnold, Kay Turrell, Oliver Powell, Eileen West and Philip Smith.

Apologies: Helen Vale, Pat Quinn, Gillian Skinner & Howard Dalton.

Norman opened the meeting at 8pm. Copies of the minutes of the 2003 AGM were given to each member present and Norman asked if everyone was satisfied that they were a true and accurate record. Acceptance was proposed by Enid Pepper and seconded by Don Macfarlane.

Chairmanís Report: A copy of the Chairmanís report is attached. The following points were made:

  1. We are now in our 5th year and have become an established and well known Village organisation.
  2. Our stand at the Village Fete was a great success.
  3. Oliver Powell is progressing with the project to convert Peter Gardnerís films to video and DVD.
  4. The January Dinner has now been declared an annual event!
  5. The current School Logbook will not be transcribed, as there is mention in it of people still resident in the village.

Treasurerís Report: Every member present had a balance sheet, on the reverse of which Mark had printed his report. (A further copy of the report is attached to these minutes) We now have an extremely healthy bank balance of £1,417.88. Mark expressed his thanks to Pearl for auditing the accounts again. Mark confirmed that he has now resigned as Treasurer and thanked Pearl for agreeing to take over the post Ė subject to approval from the members.

Secretaryís Report: Sheila again apologised to Norman for frequent absence from the village owing to family commitments! She would like to continue as Secretary as she finds the post enjoyable. Following Normanís comments regarding Oliverís project regarding Peter Gardnerís films, Sheila commented that some research had been done into the possibility of having the work carried out commercially. It would have been very expensive and we would not have had the control over the project as we now have. She thanked Ollie for his work.

Election of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer + One: Nominations were invited but as none were forthcoming, Norman, Sheila, Mark & Pearl agreed to stand for a further term. Their re-election was proposed by Don Macfarlane and seconded by Oliver Powell.

Don Macfarlane proposed a special thanks to the Committee; Enid Pepper seconded.

Any Other Business:

  1. Oliver suggested that we appeal in SCAN for home/private video/cine film of village events and people that we can copy and return. Sheila will organise with SCAN.
  2. Kay suggested that we ask the Lace Group (they meet in the small committee room) for information on the history of the group.
  3. Philip thought that it was worthy of note that Norman has been asked for advice by North Crawley on the setting up of their village Historical Society.
  4. Mark proposed that we donate £25 annually to SCAN. Don reminded members that he had proposed such a donation at the last meeting. It was agreed that it would be a good idea and would be carried out hereafter.
  5. Norman reported that he has met with Ian Collinge regarding the misinformation in the Newport Phone Book. One piece of wrong info was taken from our website and the second from a well known volume on Buckinghamshire. Initially and somewhat understandably, Ian C was rather put out that all the work on the article was his but that we were given the credit. However, he is happy to take over the running of our website from Mark. Norman has sent an email to the editor of the Phone Book righting his wrongs but (at the time of the AGM) has not received a reply. (A reply has now been received and the wrongs will be righted).
  6. Derek Ferris has produced a draft copyright enabling and permitting the SHS to copy, show and sell Peter Gardnerís films of the village and surrounding areas.( This has now been duly printed and signed by both parties).
  7. Norman has produced a set of notelets using some of the Edith Lucus paintings. Mark has produced some using modern photographs of the village. The members were very happy with both sets and it is probable that we will produce for selling two sets Ė ancient and modern!
  8. Museum Group Visit: Our visit to the Stacey Hill Museum was confirmed at the 13th July at 7:30pm. The Granary will be open for the purchase of tea/coffee, cakes and biscuits. The cost will be £2 per person and the Society will cover the cost of the refreshments. A minimum of 10 people are necessary for the outing. It was agreed that we meet at the Village Hall car park at 7pm and share cars.
  9. Afternoon of History and The Village Flower Festival: Confirmed as the 26th June. Sheila has booked the village hall from 10am Ė 5pm.

No further points were raised and the formal meeting was closed.

Tuesday, 9th March was Kayís birthday and there was wine (from the cellars of the SHS), nibbles and a birthday cake to round off the evening. Thanks to Anita for the cake and a thought Ė do we need to know when any other memberís birthday falls on a meeting Tuesday Ė ages can be kept secret.

Thanks to Anita, Kay and Enid for refreshments throughout the year.


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