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SHS Meeting Minutes 47



COMMITTEE MEETING 19th July 2004, 7-30 pm.

24 School Lane, Sherington

Present: Norman Arnold, Sheila Quinn, Pearl Teasdale and Mark Vale.

  1. Christmas Cards: Norman has produced a Christmas Card using the Village Embroidery as a front illustration. He asked several members for comments on the design and based on several suggestions he has produced a final card. The committee decided on the wording "A happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year" for the inside. It was decided that we need to sell the card for at least 1 plus a commission for Alan Simms - Norman will discuss this matter with Alan.
  2. Museum Visit: The visit to the Stacey Bushes Museum was a great success. SAQ to write to Bill Griffiths thanking him for an enjoyable evening and expressing our thanks to the two volunteer staff who stayed late in the reception area and the Granary. Many members said that would visit the museum with their own families and stay longer. Kay donated some haberdashery sample cards for their collection.
  3. Open Day: The Historical Open Day held in conjunction with the Village Flower Festival was a great success and in fact extended to cover 2 days!! Almost as many people visited the exhibition on Sunday as on Saturday and a lot of interest was shown in the archives. A total of 42 was taken and that more than covered our expenses.
  4. Treasurer: Pearl provided each committee member with an account sheet showing a current bank balance of 1,629.07. A letter has been received from the Village Hall Committee advising us that the hourly hire rate has risen to 5.50.
  5. Secretary: Sheila has received the details of this year's Community Car Raffle. We have decided to sell tickets again this year and SAQ is to return the completed form ASAP; our first choice for a time slot being the 7th December 9am-1pm.
  6. Sept. & Oct. Meetings: September is an ordinary meeting. October is a Peter Gardner film evening. It also happens to be Alice and Peter Gardner's wedding anniversary on the same day and it was suggested that a card and a bottle be bought!
  7. A Walk Around Sherington Mark has continued to work on the reprint project of A Walk Around Sherington. Phyllis Loxley-Walton is happy for the book to be reprinted by SHS. Phyllis wishes the content to be kept the same, but incorporating the corrections that she wanted in the first edition, although she does not object to the order being changed. Pearl wondered if she had any objection to the reprint being a soft back. This reprint would take at least a couple of years. Pearl suggested that we could possibly produce "A Second Walk Around Sherington" and Sheila suggested a second Sherington Cook Book as a future project. This would take even longer, but the foundations could be started by this committee.
  8. On-line Shop Ian Collinge has suggested that we consider an on-line shop to market our books, notelets and cards, this, will be acted upon.
  9. The Swan Public House: The Swan is being re-vamped both externally and internally. NA can take photographs of the outside alterations but he thought it best if we approach Bryn and Angie (the tenants) to photograph the existing inside and later the new.

The committee expressed thanks to Sheila for her hospitality. Meeting closed at 9pm .

S.A.Q. & N.A.


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