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SHS Meeting Minutes 50



Monday 6th December 2004, 33 Crofts End, 7-30 pm.

Present: Pearl Teasdale, Kay Turrell and Norman Arnold. (apologies Mark Vale & Sheila Quinn)
Kay Turrell has expressed her willingness to help Sheila with the secretarial duties, during her present difficulties. The committee has therefore co-opted her into this position and the secretarial duties will be shared for the present.

  1. Metal Detecting: Norman had been approached by David Sullivan about the owners of land in the village, with a view to using a metal detector. He was given the names of three landowners, Messrs Cooks, Masons and Souls and referred back to these people. Mr Sullivan obtained permission from Masons and found a bell and two small Georgian buckles. It is SHS's policy not to be involved in this type of activity, at this time.
  2. 1841 Census: Following a comment from Ian Collinge it was noted that our copy of the 1841 census on our web-site was a very much abridged version, obtained from Colin Davis, who used it for his own project. A full version was obtained from Gillian Skinner and this has now been transcribed in full, unfortunately one page is still missing, this is being obtained and will be inserted into the web at the earliest opportunity. This will make our census pages for Sherington complete.
  3. Christmas Party: Arrangements for this are completed. Tuesday 14th Dec. Invitations have been sent out to all villagers involved, Kay will send invitations to the 2 members who live close but out of the village.
  4. Christmas cards: Sales of these has exceeded our expectations. Over 100 has been taken so far. More are to be printed as necessary.
  5. Embroidery Legend: Kay has noted that when the embroidery is uncovered and people are present, questions are frequently asked about its history. Norman has undertaken to write a brief statement, with Enid's approval, frame it and fix adjacent to the embroidery, permission for this has been given by the V/H management.
  6. Aerofilms: Clarification has been sought from this company about their copyright and reference clause. This has now been sent to SHS and it would appear that we can use their pictures for our own reference and show as pictures, but not to reproduce for monetary gain without their permission.
  7. Web Pages Norman had been approached by Alan Paul, secretary of the bowls club, re the Sherington web site, stating that it was totally out of date. This was noted and also that most of the information on that page was compiled 4 years ago. Ian stated that it is up to the committees of the organisations to keep him up to date with the changes that take place within their own committees, meetings etc. This was relayed back to the Bowls Club.
  8. Pretyman The grave/tomb of the Rev Pretyman is in the process of being uncovered. Previously almost undiscovered, it was brought to our notice by Howard Dalton and has now had all of the overgrowth of ivy removed and needs a wild thorn tree sawn down before the inscription can be totally read. Permission for this work has been given by Maurice Stanton-Saringer. (But not by the weather).
  9. Thanks were given to Pearl for her hospitality.



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