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SHS Meeting Minutes 51



Monday 10th January 2005, 33 Crofts End, 7-30 pm.

Present: Norman Arnold, Sheila Quinn, Pearl Teasdale, Kay Turrell & Mark Vale.

  1. Raffle Tickets: SAQ reported that 98 tickets were sold and that she had paid 98 into the bank and returned the stubs and unsold tickets to the MK Community Foundation. It should be noted that the number of tickets sold was low because we had not been able to take advantage of our booked time at CMK in December.
  2. Annual Dinner: To be held on the 18th January in The Swan. Kay is finalising members' menu choices. At present 13 members will be present.
  3. An Impression of Sherington: Norman has produced a laminated picture with an explanatory paragraph. SAQ has bought 3 and NA has sold a further 3 at 1 each. (more have been sold)
  4. Aerial Photographs of Sherington: These have now been ordered at a total cost of 235. Pearl to forward order form and cheque to Simmons Aerofilms, for 5 - 10"x10"aerial photos of the village taken in the early 1960s. These have now arrived in good order.
  5. MKHA Leaflet: Norman has received a letter of MKHA enclosing a draft of their new leaflet, which is be to reprinted using a grant from the Community Foundation. NA has, as requested, checked our details and only needed to amend the telephone numbers shown.
  6. Village Hall 2005: Norman has booked the dates for 2005. and a programme of events has been arranged, this will be made up into the form of a booklet to be given to each member.
  7. SHS Website NA has completed the first four items of Web Page updates that lan Collinge had asked for. There are about fourteen more items, large and small to be completed. Some of which will require some extensive research.
  8. February Scan NA has submitted an article about the Rev. Pretyman's grave and the clearance of the debris from it.
  9. "A Walk Around Sherington" A copy of Phyllis Loxley-Walton's book has been purchased on E-Bay and is now for sale by the Society as we already have a copy. Mark has almost finished scanning the original and is now doing the corrections,
  10. Fred Niebel Both Kay and Norman received Christmas cards from Herr Neibel. (He had been ill that is why we had not heardfrom him, he also plans to visit again in the Spring)
  11. Village Fete 2005 The Fete Committee has asked us to organise a quiz. There was much discussion as to the form that the quiz should take and whether or not it should be Fete or village orientated or even to have a wider base. Mark is to obtain more information from the Fete Committee. A theme for our stall at the Fete this year, was discussed. Mark suggested Family History using some village families as examples. It was noted that permission would have to be obtained from those concerned. NA is to try and "mock up" some trees and photos.
  12. TV We now have been given a TV and video to be shared with the Clock Club. Albeit not in the first bloom of youth, but quite serviceable.

This is the 2005programme as arranged by the committee and is subject to minor changes,

2005 Programme
11th January
General Meeting
8th February
General Meeting and videos of Sherington
8th March
AGM Wine & Nibbles. ... (Kay's birthday) Introduction to Family History "NA"
12th April
"Bygones Evening"
Philip Smith
10th May
General Meeting and preparations for the Fete
14th June.
General meeting & finalising fete details
12th July
"A stagger around Sherington Quiz" Assemble in Swan Car park 7-30 (Format to be arranged)
13th September.
General meeting in preparation for an Open Day in Village Hall
1st October.
"Open Day" (subject to booking) (now booked)
11th October.
Peter Gardner Film Show (subject to be arranged)
8th November.
General Meeting
13th December.
Christmas Party

With thanks to Pearl for her hospitality, next committee meeting at 24 School lane Monday 7th February 2005 7-30 pm.

    SAQ & NA


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