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SHS Meeting Minutes 52



Monday 7th February 2005, 33 Crofts End, 7-30 pm.

Present: Norman Arnold, Pearl Teasdale, Kay Turrell & Mark Vale.

Apologies: Sheila Quinn.

  1. Aerial Photos: The aerial photos from Aerofilms had arrived & were shown to the committee. It was agreed to make copies & laminate these, for members to view. All agreed that the photos were excellent quality & worth the cost of 235-00. The photos were taken between 1963 & 1965.
  2. Web Site: A list of past businesses has been prepared for inclusion into the web-site by Ian Collinge. Also the circa 1780 posse comitatus for Sherington. and a few paragraphs on the Feasts & the POW camp.
  3. Feast Plaque: Kay will approach the Chathams (Laundry Cottage) who will be leaving soon, about the plaque commemorating the Sherington Feasts, that is currently fixed to the wall in their house.
  4. Fred Niebel: Kay & Norman had received Christmas cards as representatives of SHS, from Fred Niebel. Kay had also written on her own behalf & had received a reply stating that F.N. might be visiting again this year.
  5. Fete Quiz: The Sherington Fete Quiz was discussed. And without more information from the Fete Committee it was decided that nothing could be decided. Kay to approach Sue Herbert and ask her for the committees views.
  6. Scan Articles: Norman showed a collection of pictures for inclusion into our Scan articles. Mick Hockenhull was chosen for March, & a brief passage about his life.
  7. E-mails An e-mail from the Fete publicity organiser had been received enquiring about the Sherington coat of arms. This was supplied to them from another source. Several other e-mails from old Sherington residents had been received.
  8. Meeting closed at 8-45 pm, with thanks to Pearl for her hospitality.


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