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SHS Meeting Minutes 53



Monday 28th February 2005, 33 Crofts End, 7-30 pm.

Present: Norman Amold, Chmn - Pearl Teasdale, Treasurer - Sheila Quinn Secretary,- Kay Turrell, Assistant Secretary, - Mark Vale IT Consultant.

  1. Membership: Norman and Pearl discussed membership payments and amounts spent on sundries for the society. Gillian Skinner and Howard Dalton gave donation of 15 and 5 respectfully
  2. Village Fete: Norman has received a phone call from Sue Herbert with regard to the quiz that we shall be organising. It has been suggested that its content should be about the village possibly 20 questions in length to contain a few difficult questions and to be for adults; there would be a treasure hunt for children (not. done by SHS). The quiz would be sold a week in advance and also on the day. Sue Herbert had faxed NA a quiz run by another village; she also asked what we will call the stall run by the society on the day. We thought of along the lines 'So Who Do You Think You Are ?' Pearl then offered to produce 20 or more questions and pass them to NA. SHS would not be responsible for running the quiz
  3. Computer Problems: NA said he had had problems with his computer and he thanked Oliver and Mark for their help and reminded the committee about the importance of backing up their files. And the value of using writeable and re-writeable discs.
  4. V.W.Raffle: Shelia produced the official list of the winners for the Community Trust Charity Raffle. None of us had won the car or money prizes but the society benefits from half of the total amount of tickets that were sold, that is 49. We also help to make the whole organisation a success.
  5. A.G.M: The AGM to be held on 8thMarch 2005 - NA has copied the minutes of the 2004 A.G.M. 9th March to be circulated together with the balance sheet. We discussed the giving of 25 to SCAN. DIARY NOTE:- to be done after every A.G.M. It was noted that notelets and Christmas cards sold well. Talks by Phil Smith and Peter Gardener were to take place again this year, as well as a walk around Sherington (with a difference). Kay to speak with Gail Wood about food and drink for A.G.M and pearl offered to make a cake. It was noted that KT was to ask the Lace Group for information about its formation etc.
  6. Pictures: NA showed us pictures from the Francis Frith Collection he has found on the web. A collection of 4 pictures views of Sherington 1960 era were on sale for 14-99 each. But we already have copies of these.
  7. Web Pages NA has produced some information about Hill View for the web page along with several photos. He has passed it on to Ian Collinge and so will find its way onto our web-site. NA also has some pictures of old elm water pipes that were unearthed when the storm drains were being laid through Leys View and the houses were being built. This also will be placed on the web-site.
  8. SCAN: The next Scan article will be about the Keech Cottage and after that an article on Edna White.
  9. Sherington History NA has found several accounts of the History of Sherington as requested by Ian for the web-site, one by Phil Smith, one by Rev J B Corfield and one by Sidney Morgan. These will be edited and put together as soon as possible.

The meeting closed 9 pm. And thanks given to Pearl for her hospitality.

K.T & N.A.


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