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SHS Meeting Minutes 55



Monday 4th April 2005, 23 Carters Close

Present: Norman Arnold, Mark Vale and Kay Turrell.

Apologies: Sheila Quinn and Pearl Teasdale

E-mails. Bygones Evening - Norman has displayed posters around the village to publicise the event on 12th April Norman has asked Sheila to take the money at the door and Pat has offered to sell the raffle tickets.. Philip has agreed to meet Norman this week to discuss what will be shown.

Notelets - Norman has spoken to Pam at the shop who has requested more notelets to sell. Norman showed Mark and myself a new set of notelets that we may produce taken from original paintings by Caroline Leslie. Norman will show them to her so that she can see what we are able to achieve. We all agreed they could be very marketable on similar lines to the Edith Lucas notelets with a small change in costs. We are concerned about Caroline's copy right and Norman will talk to her regards obtaining her approval.

The Embroidery - Norman suggested he would make another 10 copies of the A4 laminated photo and info, of the Sherington Embroidery to sell at the Fete on the 25th June along with more notelets.

Aerofilms Photos- Norman has made A4 laminated copies of these for durable handling.

Pretyman Family Tree - Howard Dalton has sent Norman a copy of this family tree and it was agreed to display it at the Fete.

Hobson's Choice - An article written about the 1950 's by Alan Garret, including a story about Ben Line haircutting prowess.

The Manor - Norman received a call from Sue Herbert requesting a piece of information about the Manor that could go into the Newport Phonebox magazine. Norman said he would do this, (Sheila has since volunteered) Mark suggested using information from Chibnal and to also speak to Diane Stewart who owns the Manor.

Wake to Partnership - Tony Pilcher has given SHS 250 A5 envelopes from this organisation and asked Norman what else the society might require. Norman suggested ring A4 - 4 ring binders.

CD list - Norman has compiled a list of all information that we have on CD's

SCAN Entry - Norman received an E mail from Edna White's daughter Carole including a late picture of her. This information will be used in a SCAN article

Fete Quiz and the SHS stall - Pearl has prepared 20 questions. It was agreed to view them at a separate meeting next Monday 11th April, Kay to contact Pearl and Sheila. (The venue to be arranged) to finalize the questions and consult with the Fete Committee about the final format and to get them printed.. The stall will be called "Who Do You Think Your Ancestors Were? " SHS will try to display some family trees of village families and also to include photo's of interest of individual people and family groups. Norman has offered to display his family tree ( do you think we shall have enough room, Norman)!! (Maybe Kay) Some of the family names we could use would be Hickson, Pretyman, Rose, Joyce, Line (Lyne) Field Umney, Griggs, Smith, Simco, (Simcoe) Feasey, (Feazey) and Dalton

Web Site update - No feedback from Ian Collinge this month. Norman stated there was still plenty of research to do. Information on Farms, The Swan Pub, Thursday Group ( Kay to talk to Pearl) and Pre -School to name a few that still need work doing on them. The village tour also needs updating.

Letter to 2003 Fete Committee - It was decided to write a letter to the Fete committee stating how we had spent the 250 we received after the fete in 2003. (Kay to draft letter)

City Discovery Centre - Mark passed on some information about an archaeological dig that would take place 24th July 05 Also a list of talks, A F Garrets letters and two burial lists

Treasurer report - Sheila was not at the meeting so Norman and Mark detailed relevant points. Mark stated that the accounts had been audited with one small query. Norman stated that Sheila had been sent 49 the money raised from the charity raffle tickets and this will be passed to Pearl when she returned from holiday.


A Walk Around Sherington - By Philis Loxley . Mark passed round the first draft of his finished transcribed version He stated there were 41 illustrations to scan in. Mark stated he needed to find time to do this and an index of people and places needed to be done. We also discussed how the book could be bound in its finished form, taking into consideration costs.

Committee Meetings - It was agreed to arrange a committee meeting for the 4th Monday in the month as a regular event (or another convenient date as close as possible to this time)

The meeting closed at 10.30 pm Giving thanks to Kay and Ollie for their hospitality.



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