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SHS Meeting Minutes 57



23 Carters Close Sherington, 9th May 2005

Present: Norman Amold, Chmn - Sheila Quinn Secretary,- Kay Turrell, Assistant Secretary, - Mark Vale IT Consultant.

Apologies: Pearl Teasdale

The previous meeting minutes were approved and there were no matters arising.

Chairman's Report:

Letter to Fete Committee - This has been sent thanking the Fete committee for the donation of money which the society has spent on the five aerial photos from the 1960s.

List of stock for sale - Norman has drawn up a list of items made for sale. They include notelets, (Edith Lucas and Caroline's) booklets and laminates. This list will be kept up to date, additions added as they are produced and generally keeping a clearer tally of sales.

Subjects for 'SCAN' - Myrtle Peach, Johnny Cole, Laundry Cottage, The Old Rectory, the Quaker Cottages, the pubs (The Swan, Crown & Castle, Royal Oak, Rose & Crown,) Virginia House Stores, PO & Small House.

Meeting 10th May 2005 V.H - Brian Hansford will talk about his childhood memories in and around Sherington.

Irene and Don Macfarlane - The meeting, tomorrow night 10th May, will be their last before they leave Sherington for the south coast. Norman will print off an Edith Lucas picture and make it into a good luck card for the members to sign. Don and Irene will also bring some refreshments to help the evening along. SHS will provide some wine

Plastic bags for packaging - Norman has contacted a company called Omnipak located in Biggleswade. They have been able to supply us with approx. 250 suitable plastic bags to package the notelets for sale in sets. SAQ to write a letter of thanks.

Secretary's Report:

Renewal Forms - Sheila has received a renewal from MK Council of Voluntary Organisation. The committee discussed the benefits of belonging to the Wake Up To Partnership, organisation. and it was agreed to renew for a further year at a cost of 20-00, with a further review next year. The warehouse is open 9.30 - 3.30 Wed and Thurs. at 30 Burners lane.

MK Car Raffle - Information for the 2006 raffle has been received . At least 4 volunteers are required to man the stand. It was agreed to defer a decision till September for a general meeting.

Community Foundation - Sheila has faxed the correct information about the society.

Austin Family - An Email from Sue Purcell stating that she was researching the family history of the Austin family on behalf of David Austin. They plan a visit on the 17th May to Sherington. It would appear they have some background info from the 1901 census. It was suggested to could look in Chibnals regarding farms. Norman to liase.

Manor Article - Diane Stewart had given Sheila some information from English Heritage so she could finish the article for the Olney Phone Box . Sheila has submitted a draft article on the Manor to the fete publicity secretary, but has had no feed back since. Norman suggested she gave her a telephone call to get the article agreed. Also subject to Dianne's approval the article will be expanded for the web-site and archives and that credits will be given to Chibnall and English Heritage and anyone else whose data is used.

Treasurers Report - Nothing to report, (Pearl being unable to attend.)

Web-site update - Ian Collinge has been busy updating the Web site. He has been working on a time line for the Manor and also helping with the web site for the fete committee. Gail has written an article updating the information on Park Road for the village tour. (It has been suggested that she may interview Barbara Smith, John Wilmin and Gwen Coles making a tape recording of the interviews.)

Correspondence / Emails - see secretaries report

Sherington Fete / Fete Quiz / Displays -
Questions for the quiz have been printed (thanks to Mark) , need to check Quiz answers for display on the SHS stall. It was agreed to place some clues in strategic places around the village. Family trees from Gail and Jesse Prizes to be finalised could be a family ticket to MK museum. Appeal to members to help man the stall. If possible 3 at a time in half hour stints. We have requested the same facilities at the fete as last time.. Kay and Norman will attempt to find time to check the display boards and layout of the material for the displays in the village hall, before the fete.. Norman , Gail, Sheila, Jesse & Sheila, Kay have promised to help on fete day, the rest of the members will be asked for their support and to put their names on a rosta designed by Kay, at the next meeting. The family trees of N.A. Jesse Line and Gail Wood will be on display. It has been agreed that the fete committee will reimburse for SHS costs. The questionnaires to be returned to SHS by 27th June and marked by the end of that week


Chairman suggested that a list of dates be made for Committee Meetings, to put the committee meetings on a slightly more formal basis. If a quorum cannot be raised on any of these dates, the next convenient date is to be arranged.

List of date's for SHS committee meetings All Mondays or as stated :-

Membership. SHS has now 30 fully paid up members. The membership has fluctuated between 26 and 31 during its existence.

Contact Fred Neibel POW - Kay to write to Fred to find out exactly when he plans to visit UK

Photograph. Kay visited Jane Chatham before she moved from the Old Laundry in School lane to take a picture of the Silver Plaque, commemorating the Feast, screwed to a pillar inside her house . A few technical hitches later Kay took a terrible picture and Jane came to the rescue. Jane has offered to send us a copy of the photo once she is over her move.

Meeting closed 10-30 pm. With thanks to Kay and her Mum and Ollie for their hospitality.

(Apologies to Ollie for the interference caused to his play station by SAQ's mobile phone.)

NA, KT and SAQ


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