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SHS Meeting Minutes 58



23 Carters Close Sherington, 13th June 2005

Present: Norman, Pearl & Kay.

Apologies: Mark & Sheila

The Previous meeting minutes were read and approved and there were no matters arising.

Chairman's Report:

Scan Subject for July - This will be on the subject of Myrtle Peach. A copy of the article about the Peach Family on the web-site.

Fred Niebel POW - Fred visited Norman on the morning of 13th June for an hour or two and then went to Kay's house where he had a some lunch. Further talking took place until his departure at 15.00 hrs. He planned to drive back to Water Eaton to the B & B where he was staying and then journey up to Hull for his crossing home on Wednesday. During his stay he had visited Hull where his late friend, Hubert Brown, lived and his wife and son still live, Fred stayed overnight with the son. He also visited Coventry to visit the wife of another late friend.

Austin Family - After receiving an E mail from Sue Purcell, it was arranged that David Austin and she would visit to try and trace family ties. Norman took them to visit Philip who knew members of the family. Denis Mynard is also related via a Park road. connection A connection with the Quaker meeting place somewhere in 36/38 Water Lane. Possibly in the garden of Colin Davis there could be a burial ground. Some 5 Quaker ancestors were buried in the area one was noted as being. Buried in Water Lane.

Cannon Margaret Sedgwick - met Caroline Ellis in the church yard at Emberton whilst researching family history, she will come to the Fete.

Note Book - Norman has been given a small black book of photos from Kath Hulston nee Lines. It is full of newspaper cutting from local Newspapers several people were recognised and especially Pearl enjoyed thumbing through it. Norman has made a copy for the archives.

Mr & Mrs Gribble - Lived in a cottage opposite the church. The cottage burnt down and a Miss Saunders had a bungalow built for them in the garden of 33 Crofts End. The front door is in School Lane and is now No. 26.

Enid Pepper - Enid is home and Norman suggested another card. Kay to do the honours.

Scarecrows - Norman visited Horwood In North Devon Scarecrow Festival. The village produced a map of their location. They all had names and there was a competition to complete. Possibly an idea to consider for another time.

E-mails - With many Emails coming in for the same family name, Norman asked the committee if they thought it better if each family should have a separate file to make finding them easier. It was agreed to do this.

Estate Agents Details - Norman has acquired details for 1 The Knoll. He said it a good idea to have info on properties for sale in the village.

Manor History - Sheila has produced some information suitable for the Olney Phone box. Diane approved.

Wake up to Partnership - Norman and Kay visited the warehouse and came away with 10 duvet covers at a cost of £5-00, suitable for covering the village hall trestle tables for a uniform appearance on our display days.

Notelets - Norman showed up pictures of the notelets that he had produced from Caroline Leslie's original Water Colours. There is a possibility of an idea for an Xmas card this will be roughed out and submitted to Caroline for her approval.

Fete the final countdown - Norman will speak again to Bob Finn about our requirements ... Norman had made a paper plan of how it might look.

Voice recorder - Opportunities arise when a recording of a conversation could be invaluable to the SHS. it was suggested we spent £60 ish to acquire such a small pocket sized digital recorder to have for such occasions. Ollie to research and report back.

Secretary's Report:

Nothing to report from Sheila or Kay

Treasurers Report

Pearl stated there is £ 1500.00 in the account There is a new mandate form to sign by Sheila, Pearl & Kay, as signitories,n for the the Nationwide account. It was agreed to give SCAN £50 this year, as last years contribution did not get paid.

lan Collinge - He has been busy adding information to the web site. Also producing a time line for the Manor House with information from Chibnalls “Fiefs and Fields” he has made up a timeline of events and information from 1062 1962. This will be added to the history of the Manor and with the Stewarts approval will be put onto the web-site.

Correspondence E mails - As previously mentioned


As discussed in the Chairman's report.

Stockwood Park Mark visited the museum there and found they own a Diorama by Tom Ivester-Lloyd. Tom Ivester-Lloyd did apparently do publicity work for Vauxhall. The museum made the purchase of a job-lot of goods. The view is of Church road, and ‘Puffers’ cottage. Norman suggested an outing to speak to the curator this was agreed and is to be arranged sometime in the near future. Somewhere in Luton.

Visitors Book. Don't forget this for the Fete.

Signs for the Quiz Questions - Norman will put up the signs permission will be sought For :- Royal Oak, Crown and Castle’ Yew Tree Farm and the Rose and Crown.

No. 2 School Lane . Mr Heggy unearthed some articles whilst renovating the cottage. Norman has them in his possession and they will be displayed on our open day. They include broken bottles An old piece of sharpening stone, tin lids a small quantity of straw was also found. It was thought that at the top of the house was the original hay loft, being part of Griggs Farm. The theory is that some children, maybe evacuees who we know were billeted there did it

Park Road - This was also known as Winyards Lane, this information was found on a copy of an old map, in the possession of Gail Wood.

Next Committee Meeting - Pearl sends her apologies. This meeting will include the checking of the Fete Quiz questions. Quiz questions and posters had been given to Sue Herbert 3 weeks ago. some quiz question answers will be on our stall at the fete. The prize of a family ticket to Bletchley Park (we think). Results to Fiona Price as soon as possible.

Meeting Closed 10.10. With thanks to Ollie and Kay for their hospitality. Next meeting on 27th June at 23, Carters Close, at 7-30pm.

KT and NA


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